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Oltre la Fiorentina

The different types of steak

Beef steak: beyond Fiorentina

You say steak and you think of Fiorentina . Nothing to say, for goodness sake. After all, the finest beef steak is - and remains - the undisputed queen of laid tables and fun moments of celebration. However, it is an excellent idea to know that there are other cuts of meat that offer truly delicious beef steaks, with a level of tenderness and just the right amount of juicy. Here, choosing with full knowledge of the facts becomes a fundamental point that moves in the same direction as knowledge.

There are less valuable but equally good cuts of meat which, in the wake of growing interest in Florentine steak, are starting to find a valid market in which to position themselves and thus reach our table. Before knowing the names it is important to (re)know the cut of meat and the part of the beef from which the "cousin" steaks of the more famous Florentine are extracted. Among the cuts of meat from which the best beef steaks are obtained are: sirloin, fillet , sirloin and walnut.

Steak: where does it come from?

The finest steaks are obtained from the dorsal section of the animal, from the side and from the part closest to the spine. These parts are rich in muscles that are under little stress and, thanks to this characteristic, they are able to offer steaks that are soft and succulent at the right point. The art of the master butcher hides secrets of noble tradition that allows you to obtain lesser-known steaks, equally interesting in terms of flavor from lesser-known and more complicated cuts of meat to dissect.

This is why it is important to rely on butchers who know the conformation of beef perfectly and can obtain particular and sometimes mistreated sections. The next step is to be relegated to the exclusive use and consumption of the cook - or griller - who can increase taste, flavor and softness by carefully choosing the perfect cooking method and perhaps adding a special touch such as a Rub .

From the cut of meat to the steak

Now that some small and large secrets have been revealed, it is important to shift attention towards the beef from which steaks are obtained - sometimes - cheap and equally good.

Sirloin steak

The back part of the beef offers important meat and is one of the cuts of meat that offer fine and expensive steaks. The beef section is very tender and is divided into two subcategories: the front part (closer to the head) from which you get the ribs and the back part which offers the better known steaks such as the T Bone .

fillet steak

The undisputed king among cuts of meat and subcategories, the fillet is often intended for festive moments and particular situations. The steak , the Porterhouse , the Fiorentina are obtained from the fillet and if the bone is removed it allows the sirloin to be brought to the table. One of its peculiarities is given by the leanness of the meat and the - almost - perfect marbling, prized because it is present in limited quantities, requiring careful and accurate cooking.


Lean and tender, the sirloin stands out from other parts of the beef and can be enhanced if the marbling reaches a high level. The fat parts must therefore be well balanced, it is the breeder's responsibility to grow the animal in such a way as to subsequently offer a more or less tasty and tasty cut of meat.


The clearly visible muscle fibers represent the trademark of the rump which is obtained from the section close to the animal's hip. The fibers allow the meat to resist significant and prolonged marinating, thus restoring a unique and well-defined juiciness. From the final part of the cut of meat, the beef spinach is obtained, a section suitable for becoming a lean - but not too lean - steak.


The rump offers the classic slices of meat that can be transformed into inviting rolls, delicious cutlets and structured stews. Furthermore, the rump can be internal - it returns lean and long steaks, or external - it offers roasts, roast beef and high cuts.


The cut of meat belongs to the " first choice " category and is obtained from the external part of the thigh at hip height. The section is thin, with compact fibers and thanks to the circular shape very soft. The walnut is perfect for creating slices or preparing roasts, thanks to its consistency, in fact, it lends itself to various processes that gratify everyone's palates.


Otherwise called breast, it is obtained from the front part of the animal and is rich in connective tissues and fat. The marbling represents, especially in this section of the animal, an important part in making the steak juicy and tender, as well as rich in flavour.


Muscle mass is divided into two sections: upper - lean and dry, lower - fat and full-bodied. The royal cut and the priest's hat are the two cuts of meat that are obtained from this part of the cattle and produce more or less valuable steaks. However, the beef related to the section lends itself to being minced and transformed into fragrant burgers or ragù to be prepared with the traditional recipe.

Steaks overseas

If Italy chooses to respond to rigid traditional rules handed down over the years, America tries to branch out to obtain alternative steaks with a unique flavor. Try to amaze your guests by taking inspiration from overseas master butchers, preferring a farm that has made the animal's well-being a cornerstone. Genuine meat offers a multitude of particular cuts of meat that lend themselves to leaving room for imagination and maintain intact respect for the environment, the animal and tradition in processing.

America chooses the neck of the bovine to create some "must have" steaks at every self-respecting barbecue: Denver steak, top blade steak, T Bone steak, Vegas strip steak. It replicates the American idea by bringing steaks to the table "like the real ones", thick, high, tasty and succulent. The Belgian Blue Box , for example, contains a vast choice of different sections and cuts of Belgian Blue meat, perfect for experimenting while maintaining the awareness of using genuine and healthy beef.