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Raffinata e semplice

BresaolaZero® , the added value for a unique sausage

Bresaola. Things?

Bresaola is among the best-known sausages, at times refined and sophisticated, it adapts to multiple processes in the kitchen given that it represents a simple, dietary and ready-to-use food. However, there are some variations that tickle the palate of the most refined, especially when particular meats are used, such as Black Angus bresaola , or when complementary ingredients such as truffles or pepper are added.

Another element that defines the quality of bresaola is given by the presence or absence of nitrates and sugars, but we will analyze this detail later. The most famous bresaola comes from Valtellina where animals generally raised on pasture allow the product to reach the table with a very thin layer of fat and present itself on the palate with a unique and inimitable flavour.

Sometimes it is the presence of added ingredients that distorts the flavor and, precisely for this reason, Giò Porro chooses to put on the market an innovative bresaola with the total absence of added sugars and nitrates.

BresaolaZero®: the leanest among its relatives

Different from artisanal salami , lard and cooked ham , bresaola represents the number one sausage in terms of nutrition suitable for a low-calorie diet. The perfect assonance between diet and bresaola is given by the characteristics that make the cured meat unique in its kind: low in fat and rich in protein.

The other characteristics that make it a perfect food for an appetizer or a light dinner are:

  • the presence of large quantities of mineral salts such as sodium, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins
  • an inviting color that offers the sight a happy sense of satisfaction
  • the sensation of lightness given by a delicate flavor and a particular scent

In short, singing the praises of bresaola is an easy matter, defining the best around seems to be equally simple.

Bresaola at every age and latitude

If it is true - as it is - that the best bresaola comes from Valtellina, it is equally true that the sausage adapts to any type of diet and age. From children for a quick snack, to grandmother for a light dinner, perhaps passing through to the pregnant mother who - after consulting her doctor - chooses to keep grandmother and baby company with a portion of bresaola .

In short, the precautions to be taken with cured meats during pregnancy should be discussed with your doctor who, after a careful analysis, will be able to decide whether they can be eaten during the months of gestation given that bresaola, like all other cured meats, is rich sodium and could create health contraindications.

Bresaola and crazy diets

The world of the web goes crazy, bresaola is the protagonist of a diet that sees it as the undisputed queen of every meal. Not recommended - but curious - the diet promises rapid weight loss if and only if you choose to put bresaola on the table for lunch and dinner in limited quantities.

The bizarre and not recommended diet risks causing vitamin deficiencies, but underlines the minimum quantities in terms of calories that the cured meat can provide. In short, bresaola is good for losing weight when it is integrated into a complete nutritional diet and adequate physical activity. The same old classic "eat well and move more" story.

BresaolaZero®, never without it again

As mentioned, bresaola is rich in quality, taste and potential in different areas. To increase the taste and be sure of bringing a balanced, good, tasty and genuine dish to the table, you need to carefully choose what the cured meat counter offers.

BresaolaZero® (from Black Angus or Wagyu ) is a refined sausage as it is the result of a careful selection of the breed of cattle from which the product is obtained and of in-depth care in the preparation phase. The total absence of nitrites, nitrates, gluten, lactose and sugars requires even more specific analysis and accuracy in the manufacturing process which involves the use of fresh meat, with a prevalence of Italian or selected breeds.

The long maturation added to the artisanal processing in 4.0 laboratories designed for maximum food safety completes its flavor and taste so much so that it achieved the medal of product of excellence in 2019 and 2020. Carne Genuina chooses to include Giò Porro's Bresaola in its e-commerce because it respects the artisan tradition of the farm and responds to the same vision of production where the attention to the method "as it used to be done" is at the highest levels.