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Gusti vincenti

The aperitif based on cured meats

Salami and tradition

The first salami to hit the headlines is our local salami , and if it's artisanal it's even better. Good and fragrant, it represents a must have for every self-respecting refrigerator, sometimes the cellar is the ideal environment to welcome this excellent sausage. There are many versions : salami, salami , large and small grain salami, industrial or artisanal, derived from a specific place on the Italian peninsula, rather than of non-European origin, in short, wherever you go, salami whatever you find.

Salami is something sublime in the aperitif when combined with other products that can accentuate its flavour: small morsels of polenta or bread bruschetta are the most classic you can experience. The preparation of local salami is quite simple, just cut it into rather thick slices and serve it on the table, perhaps placed on wood to create a nice platter of cured meats and cheeses that recalls the idea of ​​the warmth given by the tradition of salami.

Listening to the curiosities that revolve around the sausage, as well as suggestions for risky combinations, will be a pleasure and a fantastic way to start a different conversation than usual; after all, the festivals that reward the best or most compact salami, as well as the most scented are wasted and participating in one of them will be a wonderful pastime!

There is no need to ask what type of wine to pair with the king of cured meats: Barbera d'Asti 2017 or Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC .

Bresaola and Valtellina

Bresaola is considered a very chic sausage, it was once intended for those who followed a restrictive calorie diet and wanted a touch of homemade flavour. Over time it was discovered that thanks to its organoleptic potential, Bresaola allows the sausages brought to the table to offer added value. If we then offer a refined cured meat such as Angus bresaola or BRESAOLAZERO® ROSE' HALAL SKIN , success is guaranteed.

As an aperitif, proposed as a Bresaola tartare or combined with other elite ingredients, it finds its perfect habitat, but nevertheless, it does not disdain practical and simple appetizers such as slices of bread. Valtellina is the area of ​​Italy where a large part of the national Bresaola is produced as the area offers thermal qualities and environmental spaces that are truly perfect for the growth and well-being of the animals from which it is obtained. Carne Genuina chooses to offer Giò Porro's Bresaola zero which wants to face - and win - the challenge of a sausage without preservatives and a particular seasoning that gives it a unique and inimitable flavour. The pinnacle of flavor is served!

What wine to pair with? A wine capable of handling cold cuts, first and second courses based on meat and medium-long matured cheeses is certainly the 2017 Barbera d'Asti .

Parma's ham

The name is enough, and the intense and unique aroma immediately reaches the customers at the table who are enchanted by the bright and consistent colour. Parma Ham is an unmissable cured meat, it represents that something extra that stands out where it is absent. The scent is the first element that reaches those who approach the cold cuts platter. Color is the second step. And then there is the third: the flavour, intense and never predictable.

The slice of Parma ham must melt in your mouth and when the product bears the DOP label, it represents a guarantee. The cured meat present in the Carne Genuina showcase is a marvel of characteristics as it comes from a farm that follows the preparation process based on tradition, preferring handwork and long-term maturing.

What to match? If we add fresh cheeses to our cold cuts platter, the blonde agricultural beer will amaze you!

The aperitif sausages: a chromatic rainbow

Imagine the counter of a bar, or more simply the table in your living room used as an aperitif area. Imagine seeing an infinite number of wooden cutting boards, and some small bowls for chips, such as particular delicacies such as meatballs and vegetables in dip. Now, imagine that the wooden cutting boards welcome the cold cuts: observe the rainbow of colors. The pure white of the flavored lard tickles the nostrils with its intense and inviting aroma, the pale pink of the San Giovanni Cotto Capitelli enhances the view thanks to the compactness of the slice, the intense red of the Coppa Stagionata invites you to taste it.

To satisfy the palate you need, first of all, to satisfy the sight, and the cured meats and sausages offered by Carne Genuina manage to capture the attention of refined palates thanks to refined and niche products and to satisfy the needs of those who choose to rely on products children of tradition with the only variant of daring thanks to the combination. Choose your imagination, rely on those who have made tradition a cornerstone, taste particular products and offer refined dishes. Now, it's time for an aperitif inside and outside the home!