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Ribeye and Chuck roll: steak tenderness!

Ribeye: the definition

Knowing and above all recognizing the cut of meat is a fundamental issue for choosing what you bring to the table in an informed manner. The label is fundamental, finding where and how the animal was raised and slaughtered is as important as finding the difference between ribeye and beef ribs .

Ribeye is synonymous with perfect steak as it is extracted from the prime cut of beef ribs. The location from which it is extracted is rich in flavour, marbled to the right degree and last - but not least - extremely tender. Already from the description, Ribeye lends itself to becoming the undisputed queen of beef, however some precautions help to amplify the flavor and transform the steak into something phenomenal.

Cooking is the moment of maximum attention which concerns the softness and juiciness of the meat, which is why if done over a high heat, perhaps combined with mixed grilling , it releases a unique and unforgettable flavour.

Ribeye and synonyms

Your trusted butcher might offer you a Bone-in instead of Ribeye, don't worry, we are talking about the same cut of meat. If you have the choice, prefer the presence of the bone, since during the cooking phase the bone increases humidity and will make the meat even more tender and juicy. The beef cutlet can however be presented without the bone, but no problem, it will have a unique flavor and softness, in any case!

The first summer barbecues are the perfect time to dare new cuts of meat such as Ribeye which, unlike its boneless sister, requires slightly slower and less careful cooking. Good, perhaps very good, the Ribeye steak owes its particular flavor to the presence of the muscle which offers excellent marbling. The muscle in question contains a good amount of fat and is rather tender as it is not excessively stressed.

The Chuck roll

The Chuck roll is very similar to the Ribeye, the peculiarity that differentiates them is the type of cooking to which this delicious steak must - or can - be subjected. If the ribeye is excellent for quick, fast cooking over a high flame, the chuck roll steak prefers slow, steady cooking over a medium-low flame.

The Chuck roll is a particular cut that is a resounding success in America, as it contains a good amount of connective tissue and fat, elements that contribute substantially to making the meat tender, tasty, succulent and really good! However, sometimes what makes the difference is the accompanying drink and the choice of side dish which can change - in a good way - the whole dish.

Steaks and side dishes

Both ribeye and chuck roll steak are considered quick dishes, easy to prepare and perfect for a quick and tasty meal. The choice of side dish and the addition of particular ingredients must, therefore, be directed towards the preference of something that is quick to prepare and manages to create added value without taking away the attention - all deserved - from the fantastic and tender steak of beef.

If to please the little ones it is enough to offer French fries, to satisfy the palates of adults it is necessary to bring something more tasty, particular and refined to the table. Riding the idea of ​​the typical and traditional dish and choosing to mix America and Italy, you can present a slice of Bergamo cheese which helps to cleanse the palate from the meat juices and is completed with a craft red beer .

Genuine meat offers the right product for every eventuality: whether it's a barbecue to remember or you're looking for steak for every day, in our shop you can find all the solutions suitable for every moment. From meat to wine , the products offered respond to the desire to respect tradition and indulge in the genuine flavor just like "that of the past".