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Cucina colombiana

Lomo al Trapo: beef steak sui generis

Lomo al Trapo. Things

Lomo al Trapo is a typical dish of Colombian cuisine which, using the combination of barbecue and abundant salt, produces juicy, tasty and unique meat. Obviously provided that the cut of meat used is top quality. To replicate the recipe with 100% Italian meat you need to use cuts such as fillet , entrecôte or - if you really want to be on the safe side - sirloin .

The variations of lomo al trapo do not only draw attention to the cut of meat, but also to the preparation: in Colombia a cloth soaked in water is used while in Peru the audacity pushes towards beer . The additional idea suggests a cloth soaked in good red wine . The variations of this particular dish draw attention to the use of salt, which is why this recipe is perfect for tuning into the same frequency those who prefer salting before cooking and those after: bringing lomo to the table means getting everyone to agree!

Lomo al trapo with fresh Italian meat

The idea of ​​revisiting the recipe by choosing native ingredients is a perfect starting point for personalizing the dish and guaranteeing healthy and genuine products of certain origin. The preparation of the dish is very simple: no pots, grills, complicated contraptions and stopwatches. All you need is the grill, a first choice piece of Italian meat , red wine, a cloth and coarse salt. Now, it would be useful to open a parenthesis on salt, because some schools of thought prefer it fine, others coarse - however, the choice is personal. Salt is the key ingredient, without it the Maillard reaction - that fantastic crust that traps the juices and makes the meat tender and tasty - would not be triggered.

Lomo al trapo: the preparation

Going into detail and understanding how to prepare the recipe is the second most delicious part of the story, the first is and remains the sampling phase, tasting or feasting, whatever you want to call it! After having procured everything you need, you need to get to work: dip the cloth in plenty of red wine and sprinkle the surface with coarse salt. Wrap the beef steak taking care not to leave any parts exposed and ensure that the best Italian meat is completely covered in salt. Gestures and quality of raw materials make the difference! Tie the ends with kitchen twine and leave to rest for an hour.

Lomo al trapo: cooking

The meat fillet requires very specific rules to offer the right recognition, but in the case of lomo al trapo it is necessary to approach the matter following different rules. The Colombian tradition talks about embers, zero tools and a great desire to do things like they used to. Italian cuisine or rather the revisiting of the recipe with the use of 100% Italian meat requires a generic cooking time ranging between 20 and thirty minutes, the difference is given by the size of the piece of meat on the grill. Cooking time of 10 minutes per side is assumed for a cut of meat weighing approximately 1 kg.

Lomo on the trap: the litmus test

The last phase of preparation is the most particular because it allows you to be sure of having succeeded or having to take action and buy Italian meat online at the last minute. Jokes aside. Scissors to remove the string and....With the help of a kitchen hammer, remove the coarse salt crust. Choose the plating and bring to the table. The color of the meat restores satisfaction for the particular practice, the flavor combined with the sublime aroma tickles the appetite and lights up the mouth.

Italian meat and recipes from around the world

Lomo al trapo is the traditional Colombian recipe that is usually accompanied by sauces based on garlic or spices . The idea of ​​completing the taste of the bite with a soft and light sauce is a perfect match as it concludes without weighing it down. What matters is to try not to devalue the value of the meat and choose top quality Italian meat.

The tradition of the Bel Paese is reluctant to accept recipes from abroad, since our experience is rich in regional and local details, however risking an approach is a valid idea as long as the ingredients are first choice. Italian online meat is a perfect starting point for daring something special without having to compromise on the tradition and authenticity of the products. CarneGenuina.it chooses to satisfy the curiosities of many by offering cuts of meat created following the rules of tradition and capable of adapting to tasty and unpredictable foreign recipes... Try it to believe it!