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BBQ tips

How to clean the barbecue grill ?

Cleaning the barbecue: grill meat without stress

We all know, when the good weather arrives, the barbecue is a must to eat a super tasty meal all together. Cooking a nice Fiorentina , salami and skewers on the barbecue is undoubtedly one of the cooking methods most loved by everyone in summer, even healthier because a large part of the "bad" fats remain on the grill and in the embers. But, after spending wonderful moments in the shade of a plant, eating good Italian meat in the company of some friends, here comes the sore point: the time to clean the grill of our BBQ!

Oh yes, unfortunately we are not always able to clean the grill immediately after use, perhaps with a wire brush, because - in short - everyone wants to avoid cleaning while the meat has just arrived on the table and hunger is calling; the flaw, however, is that it will then be more difficult to remove food residues and any burnt parts. We can try to help you in this endeavor with some small tips and advice to try to enjoy a nice barbecue in company as best as possible without the hassle of thinking about how much remains to clean at the end of the day.

Green and fast solutions for cleaning the grill

All-at-once method: steel wool and newspapers

Obviously, the best thing to do would be to clean the grill immediately with a wire brush, in order to remove the "bulk" and wash it more easily later. To be able to remove a good part of the fat, try rubbing the grill with newspapers (such as newspapers) or bread bags so that they absorb the grease from the meat before it has time to cool.

If, as true master grillers, you want to put away your grill in perfect condition, you can immediately give it a thorough cleaning with steel wool - the kind you use to clean pans is also fine - in order to give it a "good" shine. just bought it." But if you have decided to postpone cleaning until after the party, or in the following days, the next tips for cleaning the grill and barbecue are for you.

Red onion to clean the grill

Green method: onion and fork

As the title says: all you need is an onion and a fork. You may wonder what the onion is for; here, first of all it has powerful antibacterial properties which, combined with the heat of the grill, can therefore facilitate perfect cleaning of the BBQ. How to do? First of all, make sure the grill is hot because this way the fats will start to melt, then just stick half an onion on a fork and rub it on all the parts that need cleaning. To make this method super effective you can also spray two acidic elements that will dissolve the residues in no time: vinegar or lemon.

Vinegar for cleaning the barbecue

Green shock therapy method: vinegar and salt

As we know, vinegar and salt are two green, edible substances and perfect allies for cleaning the whole house: they can therefore be used without fear on the surfaces we use to cook meat on the grill. All you need to do is mix the vinegar with some fine salt and, if you have a bag large enough to contain the grill, leave everything to soak in this solution overnight. The following morning, take the grill and clean it with a sponge - which you will then throw away - and you will immediately notice how easily all the dirt will come off.

This is thanks to the vinegar which degreases and disinfects and the salt which has an abrasive action. An alternative is to soak a sponge only in vinegar and rub it on the grates without wringing and without using salt; if the grease is not stubborn you will have a perfect and disinfected grill.

Lemons to clean the grill

Valid ally: lemon

If you really can't stand the strong smell of vinegar, you can clean the grill with another valid ally in the kitchen: a lemon cut in half. Given the acidity of this fruit, which is also used for many cleanings at home and for personal care, the fat from the beef or pork will melt easily and you will have an excellent scent in your home that will counteract that of the fat of the next day's meat - yes we all know it -. You can use the lemon method even when the grill is still hot, in this case if you also add some coarse salt to the slice the scrub effect of the grease encrustations will be ensured, without using the abrasive sponge.

baking soda to clean the barbecue

With the grill still hot: baking soda

Baking soda helps a lot in the kitchen and throughout the house, especially when we are dealing with dirty grills and particularly stubborn stains. If you want to clean the grill as soon as you have removed the Fiorentina steak or a nice rib from the heat, we recommend that you immediately brush off the grease residues and sprinkle bicarbonate on the grill while it is still hot and placed on the barbecue; the heat of the embers will react with the bicarbonate which will incorporate the dirt, grease and burnt residues and will fall directly into the ash. As soon as the grill has cooled, brush it and give it a quick rinse under water.

How to clean the tools of the trade

After understanding how to clean the grills, we must also take care of the tools of the trade. Meat knives , tongs, forks, spatula and marinade brush are the fantastic 5 of the perfect grill. How are they cleaned? While you are cooking it is a good idea to always place them on sheets of newspaper or bread bags, so that the fat is absorbed and so that we do not dirty other surfaces. As soon as you have finished cooking your meat, simply put them away, always in newspaper, until the guests leave. Once the barbecue is finished, simply immerse them in hot water and liquid dish soap or in hot water and vinegar. If you want to prevent some tools from rusting you can grease them with seed oil before putting them away.