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BBQ time

The best unusual cuts of meat for grilling

Best Beef 4 grilling: the ranking of the tastiest cuts

Here we are with one of the most important rankings of the BBQ period: the one that contains the best cuts of meat to create an unusual barbecue suitable for BBQ lovers! We decided to include genuine cuts of meat for a barbecue that is unusual to imagine but wonderful in execution.

This is why these cuts of meat can be defined as unusual, imaginative and unexpected for BBQ cooking, but you just need to rely on the recipes that they also offer overseas and try to launch yourself and experiment with a barbecue that is out of the ordinary: but always strictly of Italian origin and quality.

Italian meat on the barbecue

The most unusual cuts of meat for barbecues: from tradition to barbecue

Beef Hammer: pork shank

The beef shank, often unobtainable whole in Italian butchers, is a cut much loved by true American barbecue enthusiasts, who call it Beef Hammer (or hammer) due to its typical shape which resembles a giant hammer. We in Italy are used to seeing it in our kitchens in a smaller format, i.e. in the ossi bucco version and in risottos, but on the BBQ it releases considerable potential!

Discover the two cooking methods that honor the Beef Hammer: barbecued and baked beef shank .

Pork Belly: crispy BBQ pork belly

Everyone knows pork belly, whether in cubes, sliced ​​or in thin, bacon-like slices; but few know that this boneless cut of meat which derives from the pork belly - aka pork belly - is a true king when it comes to barbecue. This is because the pork obtained from the belly has a very high percentage of fat and is therefore perfect for being cooked on the grill and obtaining crispy rind.

In this case, the taste is amplified if we also leave its rind during cooking to prepare the crispy pork belly or crispy pork belly: in fact, the rind - if left during cooking - is scored and all the meat is massaged with mixtures and rub , before proceeding with the embers. Good, a little fatty but divine: all we have to do is try this Italian meat delicacy.

Pork belly easy barbecue recipe .

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Flat iron Steak: the priest's hat at the BBQ

Extremely tender, well marbled and tasty: the priest's hat aka Flat iron steak is excellent for grilling. A cut of meat with a thousand names and a thousand ways to cook it: versatility is its strong point. It is perfect for slow or very slow cooking in the oven or on the barbecue, therefore perfect for braised, boiled, boiled, roasted and stewed meats. But, we want to include it in this ranking of the best meats to grill because the American cousins, when it comes to meat - once again - take a long view.

Discover our Flat iron barbecue steak: aka the barbecue priest's hat .

Bottom Sirloin or Trip Trip: barbecue spinach

A boneless and fairly tender cut of meat with a full flavor: here is the beef spinach. Spinach or commonly called beef pocket is a cut of meat that we all know because it is suitable for many dishes of Italian cuisine. Few, however, know the grilled version of spinach which its overseas cousins ​​also call Trip Trip or Bottom Sirloin which is often found in Asado accompanied by the very famous Chimichurri sauce. However, being a fairly small and lean cut, if cooked on the barbecue it requires very quick cooking, also preceded by a generous marinade to make the meat softer and even tastier.

Grilled beef spinach .

Beef brisket: barbecue brisket

A very large and challenging cut of meat to prepare because it has a lot of connective tissue and therefore requires long cooking to be soft. This is why, experimenting and cooking Beef brisket on the barbecue could be a valid alternative to create a dish that recalls true Texan tradition.

The BBQ beef brisket recipe .

Asado de tira: real cut of beef, Argentinian BBQ meat

Without traveling to distant Argentina, in Italy, to recreate this typical South American cooking, the real cut of beef is used. In this case we are talking about a strip of meat and bone obtained from the first 4 ribs of the bovine, perfect for the preparation of many long and stewed recipes, but to be included in this classification, grilling can truly honor it.

Discover our recipe for Italian Asado: Grilled Asado de tira: the king of BBQ .