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American beef cuts and translation into Italian

Beef, beyond the confusion

The online butcher's shop is a confusing place at times. It happens that when choosing a cut of beef you let yourself be influenced by the high-sounding, American-style and excessively complex name: it seems like something extra, that added value with which to boast at the first barbecue, only to then be disappointed and realize that you have purchased a fine cut, but up to a certain point.

How do we organize ourselves? Simple! Carne Genuina has chosen to dispel doubts, clarify ideas, resolve flaws and create a useful and functional handbook capable of offering ideas for tasty recipes without making the slightest mistake, sorry mistake! From now on, every experienced griller or one hoping to become one can rely on a new point of view to cook the best and create a unique and personalized recipe. After all, the magic when it comes to grilled meat quickly turns into mouth watering, it's time to stop with words and start with facts!

Grilled meat on the plate with beer

International meat, the cut that counts

The cuts of international meat take into consideration the customs and habits of the locals, which is why sometimes it is difficult to recognize them and you choose with your eyes closed. Italian cuisine is full of details, small changes that make the dish unique, and sometimes it all starts with a special section of any cut of meat. This is why beyond the Alps everything is almost completely different! But today we choose to start with overseas, where meat is transformed into tasty barbecues, where you need to respect a few simple rules to put a dish worthy of an award-winning master griller on your plate, in short, there the grill is an undisputed tradition!

Chuck = neck

The Chuck is the part richest in diversification, for us Italians the royal cut and the priest's hat are obtained from this area of ​​the bovine. For Americans, succulent steaks such as: pot roast, short ribs, top blade steak, mock tender and ground steak are obtained from the neck of the bovine. The cuts of meat are perfect for preparing long-cooking dishes such as stews or delicious burgers by grinding the meat.

Brisket = brisket

Brisket for Italian cuisine translates to breast - or brisket -. If for Italy it is a cut of little value, in America it is considered something unique and perfect for carrying out the Maillard reaction. Careful marinating and perfect cooking translate a second-class cut of international meat into something unique and delicious! The plus is given by the composition of the cut that combines points and flats (two muscle groups) joined by a thick layer of fat.

Fore shank = geretto (anterior and posterior)

Few people appreciate it, perhaps due to the difficulty of preparation and the presence of little juicy meat, however the geretto contains a very tasty cut: the marrow. Grilling rarely appreciates and welcomes this cut of meat, which is why it is rather maligned. As far as the Italian environment is concerned, it is the addition of the cut to other sections that represents a must (for example in shanks with risotto) and is unlikely to be presented as the only protagonist ingredient, precisely because the quantity of meat is very small.

Short Plate = White Plate

The international cuts begin to take on substance and form exactly as memory recalls. From this cut of meat, low-rib ribs are obtained, good but up to a certain point if cooked with extreme attention and abundance. The white wine is the cut that best resonates with the Italian list. The plus of the cut of meat is represented by two "steaks" capable of containing a unique flavour, an almost absence of fat and long, soft fibres: flank steak & skirt steak, bavetta and loin steaks are cuts of meat that reach Italian cuisine with difficulty, despite the countless properties of cuts of meat.

Round = Thigh

The cuts of Italian meat that best represent the American section are: walnut, rump, underside and rump. The first category cuts differ in the perfect balance between fat and meat, so as to transform the marbling into something sublime on the palate.

  • Walnut = knuckle becomes the quick pan-fried steak in Italy.
  • The rump = top round is the perfect solution for creating tasty rolls or delicious scallops.
  • The underside = bottom round is the perfect compromise for a lean and tasty roast or to create minced meat for homemade burgers.
  • The rump = rump is a steak without any art whatsoever, tasty just enough, good without excess, in short, the solution for a bit of meat without too many pretensions.

Sirloin = Sirloin

If the literal translation risks unleashing the taste buds, knowledge of the international cut of meat becomes essential to choose the best. The section is divided into 4 excellent and tasty cuts: Flat Bone, Round Bone, Top Sirloin Steak, Tri tip Roast, Tri tip Steak. Maximum attention to cooking which must be fast and perfect, the international cuts in question require familiarity to offer the best and at the same time a generic culture to make the preliminary phases such as marinating extremely functional.

Short Loin = Rib

The translation begins to become rather complex because the upper part of the bovine meets - and clashes - with the traditions that cross America. This part of the animal's back produces T Bone Steak, Porterhouse Steak and Tenderloin Steak. Fiorentina finds its perfect dimension in cuts of beef for grilling and encounters other solutions which, although they clash with the Tuscan world, find resonance overseas. The issue concerns exclusively the cooking method which ranges and oscillates between BBQ and grill.

Rib = Ribs

Here we are at the tastiest, tastiest, richest and perfect cut of beef for any level of barbecue. Marinating is an essential phase which once again becomes a priority, even more so if you choose a particular breed with certain characteristics such as Angus for example. From this section we obtain: Rib Roast, Rib Steak, Ribeye Steak, in addition to the classic steak, an explosion of tastes, flavors and the desire to be in company.

Meat for grilling

Now that a point has been made, an order has been defined, and clarity has been chosen, we need to find the online butcher shop capable of offering that something extra. Sometimes the master's touch is reflected in particular sections, other times in "pitting out" by knowledgable master grillers who know everything - or almost everything - about cutting on the grill. The secret is - and remains - divided into two simple steps: on the one hand the preference for selected RUB, and on the other the desire to repeat holiday experiences by choosing Italian meat.

Carne online Genuina offers various ideas and solutions that range from particular cuts of Italian beef to other more practical and perfect cuts for all seasons such as stew meat or kobe-like wagyu meat. Once again it's a matter of choices!