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10 secrets for cooking meat correctly

The secrets of the master griller: cooking the meat

How do you become a master griller? You have the utensils: apron, knives , Jasper barbecue, the grill is hot and a good farm beer is ready in the fridge. Now you just need to marinate the meat, prepare the appetizers for the perfect barbecue and you're done - or almost -. Yes, because knowing how to prepare what you need is very different from getting the right degree of cooking of the cuts of meat you are about to cook. Here, with this article, we reveal all the secrets for perfect cooking of BBQ meat.

1 - grilled beef: room temperature

The first rule to take into consideration when cooking meat is the temperature and compliance with certain procedures. The meat, after marinating it, must be placed on the heat at room temperature. Removing from the fridge and placing a still cold Fiorentina steak on the heat means losing a good percentage of its flavor and taste potential.

2 - very homogeneous charcoal and embers

After understanding how to light the barbecue, remember to distribute the charcoal and embers over the entire surface of the brazier, to ensure that the heat is uniform. Try to keep the temperature constant because temperature changes affect the cooking of the meat. For example, when cooking ribs or pork chops , a sharp increase in temperature risks burning them in an instant. Obviously this step doesn't count if you use the Jasper oven : the perfect union between the grill and the classic oven for those who want to reduce cooking times without errors.

3 - the thermometer: valid ally

Knowing the cooking times for each cut of barbecue meat by heart is one thing, understanding the perfect temperature in the center is another matter entirely. Here the BBQ thermometer comes to our rescue to avoid overcooking, or undercooking, our meat. We remind you that each cut of meat requires a different degree of cooking, see the most important cuts with substantial layers of meat and fat such asdry aged Fiorentine or T-bone steak , while poultry, hamburgers, sausages and salamis instead have cooking times more reduced. Here, knowing how to use the needle of a food thermometer helps you understand the right temperature in the center - and away from any bone - of each cut of dog to achieve top cooking.

4 - Fiorentina and T-Bone: useful tricks

Temperature is the Achilles' heel for all master grillers who tackle these important bone-in meats, because the smallest mistake could compromise the entire dish. If you choose a cut of meat such as Fiorentina or a T-bone, remember to also consider the side part, cooking must be: 8 minutes per side and 4 minutes for the flank. The temperature depends on how you prefer to eat the Fiorentina : rare 55°C, medium rare 65°C, for generous cooking 75°C.

5 - Picanha and fat

For the Picanha the advice is to only partially remove the layer of fat and make a rhombus-like incision along its entire length, as this allows the Picanha to offer its unique flavour. The best cooking is indirect, i.e. carried out with two heat zones with the embers placed on both one side and the other.

6 - sausages and salami: well cooked, thank you

As far as sausages and salamis are concerned, we cannot talk about rare or well done cooking, but we are talking about right or smoked cooking. The cooking method to obtain succulent sausages is grilled. Remember to keep the heat low and the sausage as close to the fire as possible! The cooking time ranges between 4 and 5 minutes, and it is important to cook the meat on both sides (on all four if the salamella is wrapped in casing): in this way the color will expand evenly and will allow you to obtain a fully cooked product. To be cooked to perfection the color must be golden, without black grill stripes!

7 - hamburger: the truth lies in the middle

What's better than a homemade burger with Italian ground beef or a ready-made spicy burger ? If we rely on our online butcher who offers quality Italian minced meat , the choice whether to cook it rare or well done will be purely down to personal taste. Whether you want to create gourmet sandwiches, a BBQ beef burger or a spicy burger, the core temperature must reach a rigorous 71°C.

8 - pork ribs: goodness in mini format

Charcoal and grill are two types of cooking that offer perfect pork ribs . First of all it is important to focus attention on the crunchiness of the meat, the crust and the color to obtain. To have a dark and tasty crust you need to pay attention to flavorings such as RUB and to the grill temperature. Perfect pork ribs must be cooked throughout and must never be rare. The ribs are removed from the grill when they reach a core temperature ranging from 65/74°C to have them well cooked and to a point around 60°C. The meat must not be too tough and at the same time it must maintain a good structure: after cooking the meat must come away from the bone without much effort.

9 - steaks and ribs: a matter of minutes

Steaks and ribs please everyone; some love them rare, some well cooked and some toasted. There is no precise rule engraved in stone but as a rough guide, try to maintain a core temperature of around 50°C for very rare cooking, around 54°C for rare cooking. For correct cooking and anything in between, 60°C is fine, 65°C for cooked meat, 74°C for well-cooked meat. Don't go beyond that or you risk losing every characteristic of the cut of beef.

10 - rely on Italian meat

Choose to amaze your guests by adding all the quality of "made in Italy" to the classic barbecue. Discover the BBQ Box with our 100% Italian meat: sausages, salami, ribs and ribs, to enjoy the traditional barbecue with quality meats. If, however, you want to focus on more refined products with guaranteed quality, the international meat section offers cuts of meat such asFiorentina Sashi Gold Dry Aged , Picanha Sashi Freygaard Diamond or Costata Sashi Gold Dry Aged : particular and unique in their kind. At the BBQ, meat grilled or on slate, rare or well done, however it is cooked, Italian grilled meat is an explosion of flavors and aromas that are released by the cooking method and the skill of the master griller. Salami , skewers , beef ribs but also Fiorentina T-Bone and Porterhouse are the perfect cuts for a real barbecue, if we then add a few friends, a good farm beer or some red wine the fun is guaranteed!