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5 tricks for grilled pork chop

How to cook grilled pork chops?

Whoever your official supplier is: preference towards the local shop or conscious purchase in an online butcher's shop, the gist does not change. You need to choose the right product and put some little secrets into practice. To obtain an excellent result, a perfect Maillard reaction, an inviting aroma, an amazing flavour... Very little is needed: Pork Rub chosen specifically, a pinch of experience, an important marinade and pork chops from 100% pork first choice Italian.

Easy, right? You need to proceed in an orderly manner, even if they are simple, the rules must be followed with particular attention, all it takes is to make a mistake in one step to ruin the whole thing and see the delicacy lying defenseless on the grill vanish. The same concept applies when the choice turns towards pan-fried pork chops. The pork chop is a tasty and delicious dish capable of cheering up a barbecue and enriching the table, you need to take care of it!

100% Italian meat synonymous with quality

The idea that beef produced in Italy is better than imported beef is well founded. The processing of Italian beef, as well as pork, must respect - on national territory - a certain protocol which is sometimes similar to what is done across the border. Precisely. Choosing to purchase a product raised, slaughtered and packaged in Italy is a good starting point.

The next step is to make sure your supplier follows the rules. The online butcher shop , as well as the local shop, represent a perfect "tool" for being able to make an informed choice and know the cut of meat you want to grill. There is an abundance of pork chop recipes online, and starting with quality meat is the right springboard for obtaining tasty and delicious dishes.

Pork: recognize at first glance

The thickness, the layer of fat, the color are visual elements that contribute to determining the choice and in the case of the online butcher's shop you need to rely on the type of processing and any word of mouth from those who have already tried the service. With the Pulled Pork Box you can dare with a fair amount of satisfaction: bringing a perfectly cooked cut of meat to the table thanks to the suggestions of master butchers is child's play! The look captured thanks to the dimensions. The sense of smell is satisfied thanks to the inviting scent of the farmyard. The taste is indulged thanks to the unique and inimitable flavour. Carne Genuina products, in fact, are made following the strict rules of tradition combined with technological processes that fully complement the needs of modern times.

Italian pork: tender and delicate

The innovation applied to farming has, over time, extended towards a more accurate selection of cuts of meat and towards the preference of bringing tender and delicate pork to the table. To offer a suitable product, certain conditions must be respected: the animal must be slaughtered at a relatively low age - 8-10 months - and with a specific weight that varies between 80 and 110 kg. The operation allows you to obtain tender and soft meat, perfect for the grill. The choice to bring forward the slaughter of the pig has made it possible to obtain some cuts of meat , such as ribs and sausages , which are fairly lean and rich in nutrients, in this way it can be incorporated into a healthy, varied diet and suitable for a diet.

The temperature

Just like any other grilled steak, you also need to avoid thermal shock for pork chops. Before placing the delicacy on the grill, therefore, the temperature of the meat must be close to room temperature. In this way the fibers remain soft during cooking and retain the juices of the cut of meat, the Maillard reaction - thanks also to the marinade - offers the creation of that delicious crust which contributes to making the pork chop super WOW. Attention to temperature is also important to prevent the flame from undergoing sudden variations and compromising cooking times. Keep one eye on the pork on the grill and one on the fire!

Grilled pork, the secret of marinating

Marination is the phase that makes the difference for grilled meat. Both beef and pork must be marinated to ensure perfect cooking and a respectable taste. The marinade prepared according to criteria allows you to enhance the flavor of the pork chops and prevent the juices from dispersing during cooking. To optimize the marinating phase, you need to prepare a mixture of spices to combine with the extra virgin olive oil .

If you choose the meat to grill by creating a mix of beef and pork, you can marinate the meat following the same recipe and making sure that spices and seasonings adapt to the different types of meat. If the choice is for pan-fried pork steaks, you can think of surprising everyone by proposing a recipe with marinated meat. Seeing is believing! Alternatively, you may prefer marinating using RUB which offer particular flavors aimed at enhancing the flavor of the pork.

Pork meat: color and cooking

The discriminating element that determines the cooking of pork is the colour:

  • red interior, semi-raw meat
  • interior tending towards grey, meat overcooked
  • pink inside, perfect meat and ready for plating

Easy? Absolutely yes! Color is the fundamental element, however it happens that we come across master grillers who prefer to talk about degrees rather than relying on a simple look. In this case the perfect temperature is around 65-70 °C.

Pork chops and waiting

Does the idea of ​​grilled pork excite your palate? Carne Genuina offers different solutions to receive, thanks to the home butcher service, first choice cuts of pork - and more - directly at home. The meat, delivered in practical vacuum-packed packages, lends itself to multiple preparations, including summer excellence: grilling and BBQ. Are sauces and dips ready? Choose the RUB and amaze everything, in the meantime take a look at the drinks section , because there too there are stratospheric gems to take inspiration from to avoid a dry throat during the cooking phase, beer and go! Whether it's pork chop , pork ribs or beef ribs ...It doesn't matter! The grill is almost ready, right?