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All about the cut of beef

Which cut of meat should you choose to prepare the sliced ​​beef recipe?

Par excellence, the ideal cut of meat for the cut is the sirloin , which is one of the first category cuts obtained from the beef loin. It is among the best known and finest cuts of meat, also known as roast beef or entrecote. Alternatively, for a cut of Italian meat, many choose beef fillet .

However, an excellent cut of beef can also be prepared with other first-class cuts, less famous and cheaper than the sirloin, but certainly suitable for this preparation due to their leanness, tenderness and taste. Rump , rump and walnut are cuts of beef which, appropriately cut into slices at least 2 centimeters high, are offered by butchers as cut meat because they are all lean cuts, without ribs or fat, with compact and tender meat. A more atypical and decidedly tasty alternative is the picanha cut: it is in fact possible to obtain slices suitable for the cut also from this cut called picanha or pintail.

When to salt the cut of beef, before or after?

An eternal debate could arise here. We asked a trusted chef and, for the cut, he suggests salting the cut after cooking.

At what temperature should you cook sliced ​​beef?

We leave the kitchen thermometer or the meat probe to those who are cooking a Fiorentina steak weighing over a kilo. For the sliced ​​beef, a hot griddle or pan is sufficient or, better yet, an iron or cast iron pan: turn on the heat and let it heat up. If, when you bring your hand closer, the heat is unbearable, it is the right time to put the sliced ​​beef to cook. No butter, oil or anything else: just meat and high temperature. The cut must toast on the outside, forming a crust, and remain pink and juicy on the inside. Two minutes per side or three, for those who prefer it more cooked.

Cutting the beef cut

The sliced ​​beef should be served… sliced. All you need is a sharp knife and a steady hand: prepare slices of 1 cm maximum, cut diagonally at 45 degrees. The beef can be flavored with a spoonful of cooking juices or you can add a little Maldon salt and extra virgin olive oil . You can plate it on a bed of rocket or on a salad but, here we reveal a nice trick, the best thing is to remove it from the heat and serve it immediately on a plate previously heated in the oven which will allow the meat to have the right temperature, remaining juicy and succulent. So how to cook the perfect cut? Pure beef, salt, a drizzle of oil and nothing else. On the hot plate, you can enjoy a slice of beef like in a restaurant. If you want to try some particular recipes, here are 2 easy recipes with sliced ​​beef .