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Tutto pig

Cuts of pork

Pork, as well as roast loin

Pork meat is known for being multifaceted and perfect to satisfy the palate of all diners. To prepare the perfect recipe you need to know the cut that best suits the process and choose the part that best suits the needs of the moment. Pig farms, just like beef farms, choose to differentiate themselves in terms of growth rules and respect for the animal's well-being.

The factors mentioned contribute to making the meat more or less tasty, capable in other words of bringing added value to the dish on the table rather than becoming a simple side dish. Therefore, in addition to the cut of meat, you need to choose carefully where you buy it and prefer environments in which the rules of intensive farming - and with it the concept of enhancers - are banned.


The bacon, as can be deduced from the name, corresponds to the cheek of the animal and is a part rich in fat, it is usually used as a condiment for the preparation of carbonara, a typical dish of central Italy.


Lard is made from the upper back and is a very thin layer of pure fat that includes the rind. Lard, flavored or not, is used as a sausage, especially when it is obtained from native breeds or bred according to certain criteria. If melted, lard becomes lard, an excellent condiment for frying capable of accentuating the crunchiness of foods.


Loin roast is made from this cut of pork. In addition to preparation, it is also used for a sausage: the cup . It corresponds to the part between the head and the loin and thanks to its position it takes on a defined flavor and a compact consistency.


If used as a sausage it becomes the loin, it is the section between rib and rib. Ribs are obtained from this part of the animal which, thanks to the presence of the bone, are transformed into tasty ribs . Usually, this cut of meat is served as pork ribs or in mixed grills with ribeye .


The shoulder is the upper part of the front leg. It is one of the medium quality meats as it lends itself to different more or less noble and refined preparations. With the shoulder you can produce both cooked ham and sliced ​​roast ham for sophisticated palates.


The bacon is the tastiest part, fatty and with a rather high variable between meat and fat. Americans prefer it roasted, pan-fried and crispy: bacon. In Italy, the plus is the sausage cut into slices and tasted with a crouton accompanied by a good glass of wine. There is also the tastiest version, cooked bacon : a question of priorities, desire for different experiences. The pancetta turns into pancetta coppata when the capocollo - duly treated - is added to the outer layer during preparation.

Sirloin steak

The loin is the part of the animal that best lends itself to long and stewed cooking. In fact, from here we get the roast pork loin and the braised meat. Perfect for the winter season, it can also be further dissected and transformed into tasty and tasty slices to bring to the table with a tasty sauce and a side dish of mushrooms and potatoes. The podium for the pork loin recipe, however, asks, demands and demands yellow polenta as a side dish.

fillet steak

Pork fillet allows you to bring special recipes to the table using just the right flavorful meat and slightly cheaper than the same cut of meat made from beef. Pan-fried pork steaks give flying colors to the fillet which lends itself to different and tasty preparations.


The thigh corresponds to the upper part of the hind limbs. This section of the pig is very valuable and lends itself to different preparations including: roasts, stews, braised meats and steaks. Nonetheless, it is the hams - in the raw and cooked version - that reach the maximum value and the peak of flavour.


The paws are a perfect product for the holidays: the zampone is a perfect example to bring to mind nostalgic and playful moments of the Christmas holidays and beyond. Despite the profound emotional value that the holidays hide within them, the legs belong to a not very valuable part of the animal but, when cooked properly, they manage to release unique and well-defined flavours.


“Nothing about pork is thrown away”. Here the saying takes shape when in the butcher shop window there are pig ears which, once the sensorial limit has been exceeded, are transformed into a delicious dish. Even more so when they are crunchy or accompanied by stewed cabbage.

Pork meat

Ribs are the perfect starting point to start tasting pork which, in its extremely simple nature, manages to preserve traditional flavors and recall the memory of unique moments. The barbecue in the courtyard, the braised meat with polenta or the grilled sausage, just think of a moment shared with your legs under a table and a properly cooked piece of pork immediately emerges in your memory. The recipe is almost ready, you need to work hard and choose the cut of meat that best suits the solution you are thinking of. Carnegenuina.it offers a complete range of solutions with pork: choose to taste, fantasize and then take a chance!