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The Valentine's Day menu : genuine ideas

What to cook on Valentine's Day? Here are some ideas!

Valentine's Day is the most romantic holiday par excellence, a day in which we celebrate love and passion for the person we love. And what better way to celebrate this occasion than with a delicious candlelit dinner, in an intimate and refined atmosphere?

Valentine's Day dinner is a unique opportunity to surprise your partner with an unforgettable gastronomic experience. If you prefer to prepare a romantic dinner at home, the important thing is that the environment is welcoming and that the menu is delicious and particular.

But how to choose the perfect menu for your Valentine's Day dinner? In this article we will present you with some ideas for a romantic and refined menu, with suggestions for each course and advice for pairing wines.

Whether you're a cooking enthusiast or simply prefer an intimate, relaxing atmosphere, this guide will help you create an unforgettable evening for your love.

From traditional recipes to the most innovative options, from simple but tasty dishes to elaborate and sophisticated preparations, we have selected some of our best recipes for you to create the perfect menu for your Valentine's Day dinner. Find out how to prepare a romantic dinner and surprise your partner with a gastronomic experience he will never forget.

Ideas for the Valentine's Day menu

To begin with, you could opt for a light and inviting appetizer, such as a good beef tartare accompanied by a delicious sauce, with figs and courgettes or - for an extra touch, a nice tartare with truffle, or bruschetta seasoned with particular ingredients or simply with Italian tomatoes and basil. These options are perfect for opening up your appetite and creating a relaxed atmosphere.

And then, as we know, there are an infinite number of recipes featuring beef tartare, there are those who love to taste it with an egg and mustard, those who dare with special sauces and those who want to enjoy the meat in its primordial taste but with that gourmet side dish. In short, the basis is always the same: fine meat and imagination.

First courses for Valentine's Day dinner

For the first course, you could choose a homemade pasta such as truffle ravioli or a good risotto with stringy DOP cheese for stirring, both very romantic and delicious. Obviously we are not arguing about the fact that a good saffron risotto with a nice glass of red wine has its reasons (try it with some fine minced meat, then you will tell us what you think).

If you want to bring to the table a spicy - or hot - first course with that taste that recalls the deep south, the recipe for pasta with 'Nduja of Calabrian black pig and sausage is something out of the ordinary!

Here is the list of first courses for Valentine's Day:

  • Creamy risotto with strachitunt cheese and potato gnocchi with fondue
  • Saffron risotto with Wagyu minced meat
  • Tomato pasta with Calabrian nduja

Second courses for Valentine's Day

For the second course, we know that red meat often reigns supreme, but if accompanied by a good full-bodied red wine, the combination is a winner! Among the most suitable recipes you could consider a beef steak with baked vegetables or an oriental chicken. Both dishes are simple to prepare and very tasty, perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner.

For those who love white meat, or prefer to enjoy a lighter dish with a view to dessert, a good oriental chicken or meatballs with tasty sauces are truly winning dishes that are easy to prepare and enjoy with a good white wine or rose.

In short, we find many recipes with meat for a romantic dinner, among the many with beef the cut of beef, a nice rib or the Fiorentina steak stand out which obviously are always on the podium.

Here are some recipes with these cuts of meat but with a pinch of extra and particular flavour. With a little mouth-watering bonus: pork fillet with chocolate!

But what if you want to do things big and want to dedicate more time to your main course? Here a tasty veal with tuna sauce, a beef stew with bacon or an easy recipe Wellington fillet are right for you and, thanks to our guides, you can really feel like a Masterchef and shout "yes, chef!".

At the end

For dessert, you can't go wrong with a classic like tiramisu - perhaps embellished with some particular cheese or a homemade chocolate cake. These desserts are perfect for ending dinner on a high note, giving you and your partner a moment of sweetness and romance.

Valentine's Day the recipe for authenticity

In conclusion, Valentine's Day dinner is a unique opportunity to amaze your partner with an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Choose the perfect menu for you and create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere to celebrate the love and passion you have for each other. Remember that what is important is not perfection, but the simple and authentic intention of spending an unforgettable evening with the person you love in the company of good food.