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Meat in summer : ideas for how to enjoy it in a fresh way

Meat in summer? Yes, chef!

Summer brings with it a new energy and an atmosphere of lightness, but what happens when we want to enjoy meat even during the hottest days?

Meat, although often associated with hearty dishes, can be enjoyed in fresh and tasty ways, perfect for satisfying summer palates. Here's how to enhance meat during the summer season.

As the heat sets in, the kitchen can become a little less inviting. Long cooking and elaborate dishes may not be on the wish list.

However, there is no reason to give up meat completely. With a little creativity and the help of our ideas, you can enjoy light and quick-to-prepare meat-based dishes.

Discover the goodness of organic meat online

In addition to the recipes you can prepare in summer with meat, you can also add to the goodness the quality and safety of eating meat (both cooked and raw) thanks to organic meat.

Organic meat is an option that goes beyond just taste.

It is produced with respect for the environment and animal welfare, offering a responsible choice to those who worry about the impact of their food choices.

By choosing organic meat, you are not only guaranteed to enjoy authentic flavours, but also to contribute to more sustainable agricultural practices.

The versatility of organic meat is reflected in the numerous recipes that can be created with the cuts of meat available in our online butcher's shop in limited periods. From lemon chicken skewers to beef burgers, from organic tartare to sliced ​​meat: the options are endless and adaptable to any occasion.

Organic meat pairs perfectly with the fresh herbs, seasonal vegetables and light seasonings that define summer dishes.

10 + 1 meat recipes in summer

For those looking for inspiration, our blog hosts a variety of summer organic meat recipes. Organic meat not only offers great taste, but also reliable and sustainable provenance. Here are some summer recipes with meat that you can find in our blog.

Marinated Organic Chicken Breast with Rice and Vegetables : A fresh and nutritious salad with diced chicken breasts, greens, juicy cherry tomatoes and a touch of lemon. A light and healthy dish that will satisfy your summer appetite.

Organic beef slices pizzaiola style : a typical dish of Italian cuisine, appreciated for its simplicity and its intense flavor but with a super tasty Bergamo touch.

Organic beef tartare with figs and courgettes : a beautiful, fresh and genuine tartare is the dish that we love most during the warmer seasons. Among the many recipes with organic raw meat, here is the super gourmet one!

Beef tartare with tahina mayonnaise : fresh summer dish and more, thanks to this sauce with a toasted aroma the tartare will never be the same again!

Organic meat summer rolls : organic slices, anchovies and olives: a perfect trio to create tasty and tasty Italian meat rolls.

Beef strips with hummus : a quick and summer Israeli recipe with beef strips and chickpea hummus: with a super inviting oriental scent.

Mexican-style organic chicken fajitas : fun and multifaceted!

Fajitas have become very popular around the world, thanks to their unique flavor and ease of preparation with both beef and chicken.

Marinated Chicken Skewers : A light and flavorful choice, chicken skewers with lemon or other spices are perfect for the grill. Marinated with lemon juice, fresh herbs and spices, these skewers are a pleasure to enjoy during summer evenings.

Roast Beef in salad : when the heat arrives, thinking about eating heavy and complicated dishes stresses us out: here is a fresh and perfect recipe for everyone with organic meat.

Beef Carpaccio with Rocket and Parmesan : An elegant and fresh dish, beef carpaccio features thin slices of raw meat, served with fresh rocket and flakes of parmesan. A delight for the palate and the eyes.

Beef tongue carpaccio : a typically winter ingredient meets the summer in a dish that knows how to amaze with its taste that tastes like home but also summer: non-organic beef tongue carpaccio.

In short, summer invites us to enjoy meals outdoors, in the garden or under a comfortable gazebo, and organic meat is the ideal companion for these culinary adventures.

Whether it's a barbecue with friends, a family picnic or a romantic evening by candlelight, organic meat adds a touch of sustainability and authenticity to your preparations.

Meat in summer: how to best appreciate it

There's no reason to give up meat during the summer! With the right approach, meat can be transformed into fresh, light and delicious dishes.

Organic meat, then, becomes the ideal choice for those who want a culinary experience that is tasty, environmentally friendly and responsible at the same time. Choose organic meat and embrace the freshness of summer without having to give up the pleasure of a good meat dish.