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The Wagyu Box: a delicious treasure chest

Everyone loves Japanese wagyu beef

As we know, there are cuts of fine Japanese beef that come from particular breeds and produce precious and very particular meats, among these we find Japanese Wagyu beef. Originating from Japan, Japanese beef owes its prestige to the care that farmers place in raising livestock. According to industry professionals, the meat of this Japanese hand represents excellence among marbled meats and among those with the best maturation of beef.

Therefore, undertaking a culinary journey to Japan is an excellent choice to delve into the culture of the Rising Sun, rich in many delicacies. If you then consider that Wagyu beef can fetch up to €1,000/kg and represents one of the most prized meats in the world, you can well understand why legends capable of exciting all expert chefs revolve around Japanese Wagyu beef. and push them to delve into farming methods that are used on the other side of the world.

Let's start by defining the word Wagyu: it is made up of two Japanese ideograms: "wa", which means Japan, and "gyu", which means "beef". Its meaning is therefore "Japanese beef". This term is used to indicate all steers raised in Japan that follow very specific and particular breeding methods. The cuts of meat from these animals boast the presence of a high percentage of intramuscular fat (the so-called marbling), which gives a very aromatic - and almost sweet - taste to the cooked meat. The famous most expensive meat in the world comes from a subcategory of the Wagyu breed, cattle that produce fine Japanese meat, which to be defined as such must come from animals bred following precise regulations in the Hyogo prefecture.

What is cattle farming like in Japan?

For the Japanese, respect for cattle is a well-rooted value which, especially in the Hyogo prefecture, is demonstrated with the care given to this prized animal. In fact, in the first 8 - 10 months of life the young cattle are raised by highly specialized personnel and, subsequently, sold to other breeders to reach the final weight of approximately 480 kg. Although the animals are weaned shortly after birth, the specialized staff feeds them with artificial milk, with obsessive care, and it is not unusual to see the calves kept warm under thermal blankets to maintain a constant temperature.

Beyond borders: Wagyu meat in Italy

As we have said, Wagyu is a term referring to various Japanese cattle breeds, the most famous of which have been selected to have intensely marbled meat, i.e. to produce a high quantity of tissue rich in unsaturated fats, which create a fantastic marbling. This characteristic makes Wagyu beef particularly tender, tasty and expensive. We at Carne Genuina have decided to start breeding crossbreeds of Wagyu cattle to allow our customers to try this extraordinary meat at a competitive price.

This is because innovation and continuous research have allowed Italian farmers to introduce these prized meats into their supply chains. In fact, since 2007, Wagyu steers have entered our farms, allowing for more refined production capable of satisfying even the most curious and demanding palates. Following this trend of refinement and innovation, Carne Genuina chooses to increase its offer by offering the 5 kg Wagyu Box with an extraordinary selection of cuts.

To date, the chosen cattle are 50% Friesian crosses, but within 6 generations they will be considered 98.43% pure. The "Japanese-style meat" can be tasted directly at home by choosing the cooking and preparation that best suits you. You can range between beef for hamburgers, or choose very particular grilled meat and add seasonings for grilled and grilled meat . For the more nostalgic you can choose to propose grilled cooking which brings back memories of a trip to Japan. Several Italian restaurants are also adding Japanese beef to their menu. In fact, more and more often we come across culinary proposals that have the ability to excitingly resemble the original Japanese fine meat.

The Wagyu box of Genuine Meat

Our Wagyu Box of Wagyu beef presents an assortment of cuts in a 5 kg savings pack. A small treasure chest of delicacies, with a very high marbling, ideal for small families, couples or singles who want to experiment and try cooking using different cuts of beef with an oriental flavour.

The tasting box includes the following cuts of beef:

This is the indicative assortment of our Wagyu Box , a perfect base for having fun experimenting with good Italian cuisine and meat with an oriental and fine flavour! Have you always wanted to eat homemade burgers but are unsure about the origin of the minced meat you find online? Thanks to the quality of the lean beef from the Carne Genuina online butcher shop, with just a few clicks you can have the meat comfortably at home. All it takes is a pinch of imagination (a mix of spices ) and you're done! All our cuts are packaged in practical tracked bags (with QR Code) and vacuum-packed to allow you to freeze them directly, without any additional processing!