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The mid-August menu - cuts of meat and recipes

Mid-August menu: I solve it with the box

Choosing which cuts of Italian meat are perfect for the mid-August barbecue is a tasty and arduous choice at the same time. The discriminating element that wants to impose itself in an overbearing way is the mouth watering and the desire to put anything on the fire. You want the curiosity to try Italian meats that are still unknown to most people. Do you want to discover the online butcher shop that offers differences regarding Italian cow breeds. In short, there are so many elements.

This is why carne Genuina offers a ready-to-use solution which, in addition to cuts of Italian beef, offers quick and easy recipes capable of bringing something classic revisited to the table: BBQ Box and Ferragosto Box . The recipes tell the importance of Italian meat capable of being translated into refined and simple solutions, just choose and free your imagination.

Ready? GO! BBQ box and it's immediately Texas mania!

Carne online Genuina chooses to offer different variations to accompany a mid-August holiday full of fun and 100% Italian meat. The choice to diversify comes from the desire to please different generations and palates, some more delicate and refined, others more traditional and in some ways authentic.

The BBQ box is the perfect starting point for a rich and tasty barbecue:

  • 4 beef burgers
  • 4 pork sausages
  • 4 pork skewers
  • 1 rack of whole pork ribs
  • 1 kg Luganega sausage

You need to understand where to start, after lighting the fire, obviously! Or maybe not? Perhaps the perfect starting point is the marinade for grilled meat which, to be perfect, must meet a precise requirement: balance.

I trust, I choose the Ferragosto box

Italian organic meat has the characteristic of a unique taste, an intense, rich flavor capable of releasing the art of tradition. To achieve the experience, particular attention is needed in the cooking phase. There are multiple solutions, what best underlines, highlights and unites all the elements is the grid.

She, the proud, austere, intrusive and - at times - excessive: midsummer barbecue. To make it in the best possible way, in addition to choosing the best Italian meat, you need to use BBQ tools and combine grilling sauces capable of enhancing the flavor without covering it, underlining it without dominating it. In short, once again the question boils down - but only in words - to the meaning of balance.

The Carne Genuina and Ferragosto box proposals are:

  • Classic mid-August
  • Ferragosto of the farmhouse
  • Griller's mid-August holiday

If the choice is complex, tasting each one is a must!

Cuts of Italian beef, in addition to the great classics

The online Italian meat solution offers a vastness of solutions ranging from the preparation of particular dishes to the possibility of replicating great classics using genuine cuts coming from farms that choose ancient methods. After all, imagination in the kitchen is the secret ingredient that manages to transform a dish from good to - even beautiful.

After all, it is well known that first of all you need to eat with your eyes, only then can you fill your belly!

Some idea?Chicken skewers for a low calorie solution, or pork skewers to enrich with flavour. Alongside a great classic like the Rib and Ribs you need a touch of colour!

The starting point

Now that we have clarified why Italian cuisine fervently welcomes the mid-August barbecue, we need to take inspiration from the overseas masters who have built a real empire around this particular type of cooking, one could dare to say it is almost a religion.

Tournaments, challenges and ember battles, but to replicate them perfectly you need to know the tools of the trade and starting from a BBQ seems to be the perfect choice. To replicate the American aromas and flavors, the association of Italian meat and grilled meat must be combined with another factor, for many it is a discord but once learned to use it becomes a true essence: the RUB , perfect on several occasions, find space with the fire that slowly burns away.