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Passion for skewers : useful advice

100% Italian meat and skewers

In the perfect barbecue there is an element that simply cannot be missing, it gives color, joy and combines different cuts of meat. Meat skewers are the tastiest, easiest and liveliest thing you can bring to the table, even more so if the type of cooking proposed is grilled. Transformers and multifaceted, they manage to please all diners, regardless of age: the little ones have fun with the colors, the older ones instead choose to dare bizarre combinations based on the small portion.

Beef and pork are the two absolute protagonists of the skewers which, however, can also be created with lean meat such as chicken and turkey. In short, when it comes to skewers there is only one rule: meat and vegetables go hand in hand!

100% Italian meat skewers: practical advice

Preparation is essential to create a tasty, tasty and surprising dish. Measurements matter, just like the choice of combinations and type of stick. To prepare the skewers, it is important that all the elements are in sync and perfect balance.

Aim for perfect organic meat

The meat must be cut just enough to release its flavor in one bite: cut into pieces of at least 4 cm per side. The secret is to create pieces of meat that are all the same so as to make the skewers more balanced.

Another trick is to marinate the meat before cooking it. If it is already combined with the vegetables, you need maximum attention to the mix of spices and aromatic herbs, otherwise you have carte blanche and can choose the marinade that best goes with the meat. organic choice.

Scenic vegetable goal

The chef's art of creating mythological figures with a piece of vegetable is to be linked to other preparations, in fact skewers need to be as simple, precise and obsessive as possible. Just like meat, vegetables also need balanced cuts, similar and thin - or thick - just enough.

The great classics are courgettes, onions and peppers, but nothing prevents you from adding other variations. Attention must be paid to the cooking time which must match the pieces of meat, otherwise the dish will fail.

Stick target

How do you hold the skewers together? How do you choose which stick to use? There are specific tools on the market that are effective, essential and useful for achieving the target. The feature is very simple and demonstrates why wood is better than iron or plastic solutions. The wooden sticks are suitable for various types of cooking, from meat to BBQ, including the oven and the pan. The stick must be resistant and visible just enough to keep the ingredients together.

Objective added value

To further enrich and complete the skewers, sauces can be added which, especially when cooking on the BBQ, offer maximum flavour. The preference must veer towards balance with meat, for example if you have chosen to create lean skewers, green light for full-bodied and spicy sauces, otherwise it is better to prefer something light like yogurt and avocado. The perfect idea is to combine the skewers with different sauces so as to add color to the table and offer diners their perfect match.

Organic meat and genuine meat

The exotic is perfect for mitigating the summer heat that has taken over the Bel Paese. The proposed recipe for pork skewers allows you to satisfy the desire for something good through a sometimes refreshing dish. The additional solution is to add chicken skewers to the table to lighten the calorie intake and ensure a full belly for everyone.

The marinating issue, especially for master grillers, is a very important and delicate matter, which is why Carne Genuina offers RUB for meat in its shop: a perfect solution for a guaranteed balance. The flavors of the farmhouse complement each other perfectly when, together with the skewers, an equally authentic appetizer is prepared, using seasoned and traditional cured meats which are also useful in the main course. In short, once again it is imagination that reigns supreme!