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Christmas cold cuts box : the appetizer for the holidays in one click

Charcuterie appetizers? Complex choice

Deciding which cured meats to serve on the table at Christmas is a delicate issue. We need to find the right balance, to prevent guests from overdoing themselves with the appetizers and then rolling over to the second course. At the same time, it is necessary to fill the table properly without appearing too aseptic or parsimonious. In short, balance is needed both in the presentation of the dishes and in the variety offered on the cold cuts platter.

Italian culinary art offers a multitude of solutions ranging from spicy to sweet and sour, from a strong flavor to a more delicate one, you need to choose wisely! Carne Genuina comes to the rescue with the Christmas Box dedicated to cold cuts! Different combinations and combinations that resolve the flow and offer the long-sought balance.

Genuine Meat Tips: combine the Box dedicated to PDO and PGI cold cuts with the Christmas Cheese Box to obtain maximum yield with minimum effort!

Charcuterie appetizers, let's start with the classic

Here is a brief overview of DOP Italian cured meats that must necessarily be present and which you will find in the cold cuts tasting box. A touch of character, combined with a taste that is sometimes strong and other times sweeter to tone down the bright flavors given by particular sauces or other products offered. The combination of typical PGI cured meats and cheeses is the ideal solution, but attention must be paid to the quality of the products, so as to guarantee the authenticity of the table. Find out more about the cured meat aperitif .

Devodier Parma Ham

Among the great classics and essentials on a cold cuts platter, there is Parma ham. Cut into thin slices, it becomes a comfortable blanket for the slice of crunchy bread that accompanies it. The delicate aroma and strong flavor allow the product to bring a smile to those who choose to bite into a slice. Tasty at the right point, perfumed properly and perfect for a touch of color thanks to the lively pink that strikes without annoying. The product is included among the PDO cured meats and after careful and controlled production it reaches the kitchen in slices and shanks, as if to preserve part of the aroma that becomes the undisputed king of the table. And about raw cured meats: do you know them all?

San Giovanni Cotto Capitals

Cooked ham is the other must have among cured meat appetizers. The sweet and fragrant taste meets squares of mature cheese and makes adults and children proud. The preparation of the cured meat is long and laborious and thanks to the careful controls it lends itself to being defined as one of the Italian excellences. Absolutely worth adding and inevitable, especially in the presence of children, it serves to fill the table and offer the possibility of moving on unknown and consolidated terrain. In short, cooked meat is a guarantee, as well as for the appetizer, try the recipe for swivels, ham and cheese .

Cascina salami

One of the must-haves, the local salami from the farmhouse presents itself with a bright color, an inviting aroma and the uncontrollable desire to take a slice and enjoy it with a piece of bread. Salami is an unmissable product especially for northern Italy, there are different versions but it is the Bergamo one that holds theDOP designation thanks to a hard fight that took place a long time ago.

Mortadella Capitelli

The debate between the presence or absence of pistachios is now an outdated issue. Mortadella is always good, everything is good. Some variations offer an extra touch and it all depends on the type of preparation and the choice of whether or not to add certain ingredients to the dough: such as treated or left natural fat cracklings. The need to have a classic cured meat in addition to cooked and raw is resolved with the presence of Mortadella di Capitelli which captures even those who have just crossed the threshold thanks to its aroma. Discover some ideas with the article on mortadella: tasty combinations and recipes .

Giovanna Pancetta Cotta Capitelli

Bacon is perfect both raw and cooked. It lends itself to giving flavor to rolls, as well as being enjoyed in addition to a breadstick. Pancetta is multifaceted, delicious with its delicate and strong taste at times, light and fragrant, smoked without excess.

Charcuterie starters: a bit of everything

The combination of appetizers with cheeses is the most classic thing that can be proposed. To dare, you need to start with the basics and gradually create a personalized balance in line with the tastes of the diners. The idea of ​​proposing mixes is the perfect solution to please everyone and keep the balance of the table intact. Dare without exceeding, test without overdoing.

With this intent, Carne Genuina offers the Christmas Boxes and Boxes ideal for making a tasty gift, a perfect mix of tradition and detail that helps those who get into the kitchen to unleash the weapon of imagination with the absolute certainty that the products are first choice , genuine and healthy. Dare, with abundance!