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Stuffed capon & CO: the king of the holidays

Is capon like chicken?

Capon belongs to the white meat cuts and is sometimes confused with chicken. We need to make a substantial difference which determines the extreme versatility of the capon compared to its close relative. In fact, the capon is a castrated rooster with a very long history behind it which traces its origins during ancient Greece and then reappeared in Roman times. Initially the roosters were castrated to make the animals less aggressive and more docile, only to discover the peculiarities of the meat and its perfect use for various preparations.

Today, recipes with free-range capon are a primary heritage of Emilian cuisine which uses free-range capon to make the meat broth for cappelletti. The tradition of using capon as an essential ingredient of a noteworthy Christmas lunch combines with the desire to bring healthy and genuine products to the table. Italy boasts PAT (Traditional Agri-Food Product) recognition for some capon breeds such as the Friulian variety and the Morozzo capon (CN). In short, protagonist of the Christmas table with valid reasons, here's how to present and propose recipes with white meat.

Capon recipe: here is the ingredient in its versatility

Free-range capon lends itself to various preparations in the kitchen which range from simple grilled chicken meat recipes to more elaborate solutions such as stuffed capon. The characteristics of white meat are the perfect synthesis for a light dinner or a quick lunch, however there are some preparations that help to increase the taste and offer that extra touch. In short, white meat also includes chicken breast, but it can also offer particular solutions resulting from centuries-old and well-rooted traditions.

Capon for the broth

The Capon broth that you can create with the Christmas Capon Box is a perfect solution rich in flavor that meets the preferences of different Italian regions. Especially during the Christmas period it is useful to remember and propose traditional recipes so as to keep them alive and ensure that they last over time. In Emilia, capon broth meets tortellini, in Marche, passatelli, in Romagna, cappelletti and in Genoa, Natalini. In short, whatever region you go to, whatever free-range capon broth you find!

Boiled capon

The meat used for the broth can be brought back to the table thanks to a solution in complete harmony with the spirit of sharing, the cornerstone of Christmas. The recipe with boiled capon can be enriched with the addition of mustard or the choice of a particular sauce to give a personal and extravagant touch to the dish. Bologna is the city that best manages to enhance boiled capon, as it chooses to add cotechino and other cuts of beef to create a mixed boiled meat rich in flavour.

Capon for boiling

Similar to boiled meat, mixed boiled meat is another preparation that loudly welcomes chicken and capon meat . The substantial difference in terms of taste is given by the choice of very specific cuts of meat to prepare one or the other, the same concept that applies to beef. Tradition dictates that a very specific rule be respected, especially if you are in the Piedmont region which has made boiled meat and the accompanying sauces a real pride of its cuisine. There are places where the association between capon and boiled meat is, out of mere respect for tradition, absolutely forbidden: Palermo is the most obvious example, here it is not possible. However, nothing prevents you from trying, at least once to change your mind, nothing else, perhaps proposing one of the alternative and sui generis recipes with meat for dinner.

Genuine Meat Tips

Choose to pair the boiled or boiled meat with a red wine which, as soon as it is uncorked, releases aromas throughout the room, blending perfectly with the dish just placed on the laid table. You can find everything in the Christmas Capon Box .

Roast capon

Classic that couldn't be more classic. Roasted free-range capon is a very popular second course that brings together all the Italian regions. To get the most out of the key ingredient you can choose to add RUB for chicken capable of flavoring just right and creating a perfect harmonious balance between the flavor of the meat and added value. Baked chicken is synonymous with tradition as it allows those in front of the stove to fully enjoy the atmosphere without paying too much attention to the cooking. The addition of a few potatoes or pumpkin, or the choice to lighten the dish with a salad dressed with organic extra virgin olive oil and you're done. Healthy and genuine ingredients for an easy dish.

Genuine Meat Tips

Choose an extra virgin olive oil with a full-bodied consistency and bright color, add flavor and an extra touch. You can find everything you need for roast capon in the Christmas Capon Box .

Stuffed capon

Combined with the roast, the recipe for stuffed capon takes the “I am more traditional than you” podium. The classic recipe involves adding ingredients capable of adding a sweet and sour touch to the capon and then completing it during the course with the association of Cremonese Mostarda or a particular sauce created ad hoc and capable of calibrating the harmony of flavours. Among the best-known ingredients for the filling are: minced meat - also ideal for creating recipes with hamburger meat, offal, eggs, stale bread, dried fruit, raisins, mortadella and chopped nuts. Once again, it is the region to which one belongs that dictates the indispensable ingredient which, in addition to free-range capon, he chooses to integrate with a typical product.

Genuine Meat Tips

Opt to have some filling left over and try one of the ground hamburger meat recipes.

Multifaceted capon, here's how I solve the second Christmas dish for you

Carne Genuina chooses to facilitate the choice by offering various ideas and ready-to-use solutions. The perfect cuts of meat for different preparations, for example starting from chicken meat you can invent recipes with hamburger meat - combining minced chicken and beef, or pork, and delicious chicken rolls suitable for the whole family.

The Genuine Meat tasting boxes are designed exactly for this reason and move on two fronts: on the one hand they offer the possibility of saving by purchasing convenient formats, and on the other they allow you to give free rein to your imagination which thanks to the different cuts of meat they can offer different and particular dishes. Imagination first of all, the Christmas Capon Box as a trusted ally!