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Italian meat: discovering our breeds

Italian culinary art ranges between first choice ingredients and traditional farming methods. The virtual journey to discover Italian breeds allows you to learn and learn more about what you bring to the table. Italian cuisine is a marvel of traditions, handed down secrets and curiosities that, thanks to Carne Genuina, you can learn about and share with your diners: choose 100% Italian meat!

Italian meat, the definitive ranking

Different from North to South and rich in tradition. Particular in the villages, enchanting in nature, superlative at the table. Italy has always aroused interest in different directions, cuisine holds an elite position which, thanks to tradition, is passed down from generation to generation. After all, 100% Italian meat is an added value which, thanks to the creativity of our chefs and the little secrets revealed, is transformed into superlative and delicious dishes. Raised on the ground, solid and robust, Italian cattle breeds have nothing to envy of the Charolaise - French excellence that you can find in our online butcher's shop with: Hamburger , Fiorentina Porterhouse and Fiorentina T-Bone , the superlative oriental meat with the Waguy Box 6 kg and Blue Belgian - Belgian characteristic that you can find in our Blue Belgian Box . Let's discover the breeds of Italian cows that fill our tables.

The most famous Italian cattle breed: the Fassona

The Fassona is the most famous Italian cattle breed and holds the scepter of power thanks to the characteristic and particular development of the muscle bands which produce lean and tender meat at the same time. The reduced cholesterol content and the low percentage of fat make the Piedmontese cattle breed a delicacy suitable for those who must and want to eat with gusto and pay attention to their figure. Organic Italian meat includes some Piedmontese farms that choose to raise the Fassona cattle breed thanks also to the possibility of obtaining double thighs from it. If on the one hand it is an animal that lends itself to medium-long growth, it is equally true that cuts of meat that can be obtained are substantial and rich in organoleptic qualities.

The Friesian: all the Italian character

The area of ​​origin of this breed is precisely where our company is located: the Po Valley. The Italian Friesian, although of similar origins to its Dutch and American cousins, has spread for many years throughout northern Italy (in particular Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy), as well as having been exported throughout the world as a symbol of excellence Italian. We know it well as a bovine breed as many Italian recipes are adapted and based on this tasty, characterful and multifaceted meat.

A breed with a dual quality: it remains the queen among breeds, providing meat that is highly appreciated throughout the world and, at the same time, thanks to its milk, it helps in the production of high-level dairy products (just think, for example, of Parmigiano Reggiano ) . To enjoy all the characteristics of this breed, discover the 10 kg Bovì Box or the 5 kg Bovì Box : a selection of the best cuts of the Friesian breed for an entirely Italian tasting experience.

Italian meat: Romagna symphony

Used as a work animal by our ancestors, the Romagna cattle breed maintains the characteristics of robustness typical for its use in the past. Short and resistant limbs, it shows itself with a powerful structure and adaptable to different - and rather poor - types of diet given by the rural farms of the past. The cut of meat that best reflects the characteristic is the brisket which, rich in fat and structure, lends itself to long, slow cooking dishes that restore flavor and authenticity. The reference to tradition is thus linked to the tenderness of the meat which, even though it comes from an Italian cow bred following very simple and uncomplicated rules, provides delicate, tasty and perfectly marbled meat.

Italian cow breeds: Calabria docet

The best-known cattle breed in southern Italy is the Calabrian podolica. The animal appears robust and resistant, qualities given by the morphology of the territory in which it is raised. Steep terrain, rich in stubble and bushes represent the usual habitat for this 100% Italian meat. The physical structure of the Italian cattle breed lent itself, in ancient times, to strength training, which is why today it produces cuts of meat rich in mineral salts and vitamins. Another peculiar characteristic of the breed is the yellowish color given by a high percentage of carotene. The element contributes substantially to making the meat more rigid and sophisticated in cooking, which is why the bovine breed is preferred for the production of milk to the selection for cuts of meat.

Italian meat: still south and Agerolese breed

The best milk in southern Italy comes from the Agerolese breed, the Neapolitan territory and home of mozzarella. On site you can find farms of Italian cattle breeds which represent Italian excellence as they are bred following the strict rules of tradition. In the same way, milk production also follows a specific process that goes by the name: fixed stabling. The territory which is not suitable for grazing produces a particular breed of cattle with a diet composed mostly of branches. The 100% Italian breed has a high economic value given the difficulty of breeding and producing the final product. On a physical level, the animal appears rustic and robust, the cuts of meat resulting from it retain their characteristics, appearing thin, with little fat and suitable for quick and unelaborate cooking.

Italian cow breeds: the Isola and the Montiferru

The name of the Italian breed includes the territory in which it is raised: Sardinian-Modican cattle breed. The meat is tasty and suitable for quick cooking. The animal is suitable for the production of tasty cheeses such as Caciocavallo and Ragusano, precisely because they come from an animal characterized by rigid fibers and not very "comfortable" breeding. The Italian meat coming from this animal, being very simple and rather compact, does not find much trade, after all the Italian peninsula has a large quantity of local excellence in terms of culinary matters. The idea of ​​Slow food was born to encourage consumers of Italian meat to prefer or even just become aware of particular cuts of meat obtained from Italian cattle breeds usually used for the production of dairy products.

100% Italian meat: I say Maremma think…

Maremma, or rather the area that includes Marche, Lazio and Tuscany, is the cradle of a bovine breed from which Fiorentina and other less well-known but equally prized cuts of meat are obtained. The Italian Maremmana cattle breed, thanks to its structure rich in fiber and excellent marbling, offers the possibility of obtaining stews and the most famous "dry" tanning. The animal is raised in its natural state following the ideal of tradition and leaving the animal itself the possibility of feeding on fresh grass and, in doing so, the particular attention paid to the animal's well-being results in meat with a good protein content , perfectly calibrated in terms of flavor and juicy just enough to satisfy demanding palates . Similar to the Scottish Angus , the Maremmana cattle breed appears as a robust animal, but not too much. This detail allows the Italian cut of meat to be juicy at the right point, soft and tasty.

The Italian meat, Limousine is an infiltrator

The Italian Limousine cattle breed originates from the French region of the same name, however over time it has become a full-fledged Italian meat breed since what is imported is the stall veal. Italian cuts of meat are lean and, despite this, with a percentage of connective tissues that is not unpleasant on the palate. The main characteristic of the Italian Limousine cattle breed is the excellent ability to preserve juices during cooking. This detail represents the added value that responds to the allure of the name of the bovine breed and is due to the quality and quantity of collagen present in the animal's muscles.

The Italian bovine breed queen of the Alps

The Italian cattle breed that comes from Northern Italy is called Alpine Grey. Present above all in the green meadows between Bolzano and Trento, it sometimes also makes its appearance in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto. The name comes to life from the color of the coat and is characterized by its being autonomous in the choice of forage and courageous towards inaccessible and difficult routes. These details of the living animal render cuts of meat rich in fibre, meaty and juicy at the right point. Both milk and meat are obtained from the bovine breed, and this detail allows farms to transform the milk into excellent cheese and other derived products.

Italian meat: giant and Valdichiana

The two distinctive traits represent a truly particular Italian cattle breed: the Chianina breed. The animal can reach 10 quintals and brings to mind the most delicious and famous cut of meat on the Italian peninsula: Fiorentina . The cut of meat can also be obtained from other Italian bovine breeds, however this is what exactly conveys the idea of ​​the online master butchers who choose the Italian bovine breed par excellence.

In the rankings of the best 100% Italian meats, it holds third place, losing points due to the very limited production of milk. However, it presents itself as an animal capable of adapting to different latitudes and diets, allows good marbling depending on the type of farming and is resistant so as to limit the use of antibiotics to a minimum.

Italian cattle breeds

Different in characteristics, similar in preparations. Different in terms of feeding, similar in terms of finished product. Italian cattle breeds have a common denominator which translates into top quality Italian meat, juicy, marbled to the right degree. Choosing which meat to bring to the table is important to guarantee a healthy and genuine dish, which is why the proposed overview allows you to delve deeper into the characteristics and curiosities of the various cattle breeds that can be found in the area. Carne Genuina combines the excellence of 100% Italian meat rich in particular or prized cuts of meat with the delicacy of the best cuts of meat from bovine breeds in the world and Europe which complete the overview of the world of cattle and help the final consumer to make a conscious and targeted choice.