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Spices and meat: pair without bursting them

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Balance is the basis of many - if not all - recipes. You need parsimony, attention and creating pairings that, although extravagant, manage to create a complete and rounded flavour. The flavor is one of the elements that can be modified thanks to the use of spices, alongside there is the color which contributes substantially to transforming the dish into something anonymous with a dish to remember.

There are many theories related to spices, some in fact come from the most remote corners of the world and represent precious goods, while others are in common use and easily recognisable. Spices usually go perfectly with second courses, if with fish they define a flavour, with meat they manage to accentuate a strong flavour.

Spices and meat. How are they chosen?

The difference between using spices for meat or fish is the type of meat you are preparing to cook, as well as the type of cooking. The grilled meat loudly welcomes the RUB condiments , an American tradition for tastes and flavors - also - local. If it is necessary to make a distinction it is necessary to evaluate the type of cut of meat.

Pork and the right mix of spices

Pork requires tasty spices with an intense aroma: ginger, fennel and cumin. The marinating phase is the perfect moment to ensure that the spices release all their added value, and if desired, you can increase it with the Pork RUB intended for pork ribs . Chili pepper and paprika, on the other hand, represent a classic combination for those who want to be on the safe side.

Spices for beef

The intense and rounded character of the beef chooses the combination with equally structured spices. The idea of ​​associating two strong characters, however bizarre it may seem, is actually a perfect exponential factor that offers the palate the possibility of knowing and recognizing different flavors at different times. The type of cooking and any marinade are, once again, the elements to be evaluated to choose the best spice or the most suitable RUB. If the preparation is meat broth or boiled beef, you need to choose cloves which accentuate the delicate flavor of the beef, giving it something extra.

White meat and spices

White meats - free-range chicken and capon - are characterized by a discreet flavor and tend to be leaner and drier. This is why they need something that enhances to the nth degree, taking inspiration from oriental cuisine you can opt for curry, saffron and cinnamon. The dedicated RUB collects the three elements and integrates them with paprika, so as to add a spicy note that never hurts.

Spices and fish. How are they chosen?

The aromas most used for fish-based second courses help to increase the flavor without compromising it. Spices are therefore a mere added value.

Among the most used are:

  • Mint. Synonymous with freshness, it lends itself to breaded dishes or grilled cooking.
  • Wild fennel. Blue fish is the perfect combination, as it receives and is completed thanks to the particular taste of the spice.
  • Dill. Raw fish and shellfish welcome the freshness of the aromatic herb which cleanses the palate and refreshes before the next bite.
  • Ginger. Steam, foil and tartare are the preparations that best welcome the acidic touch of ginger which, if finely sliced, concludes the dish also from a visual point of view.
  • Basil. Well-known and super tasty, it perfectly complements seafood along with cuttlefish and octopus.
  • Pepper. Usually an integral part of a local or DOP salami , pepper - especially the white one - lends itself to accentuating the flavor of the fish in a discreet and elegant way.
  • Garlic. Mediterranean cuisine receives without any ifs or buts the strong flavor of garlic, perfect in sauces or chopped for marinating, garlic is a bit like parsley, it goes well with everything!
  • Parsley. The popular saying is full of truth, parsley refreshes just enough, adds a colorful note and lends itself to grilling, steaming or soups.

Beyond spices: sauces and combinations with meat

Spices are an essential element for the preparation of the dish and possibly help to complete the dish. Sauces , on the other hand, enhance the preparation and conclude the bite, which is why they need to be prepared as an accompaniment and adapt to the type of spices chosen. For example, boiled meat goes well with Cremonese Mostarda , for the preparation of meat broth you can think only of cloves which you add without distorting, then the sauce will complete the flavour.

Grilled meat , on the other hand, needs marinating to be more tender and soft during cooking, which is why a yogurt or garlic sauce represents the perfect ending for an excellent bite. Carne Genuina chooses to take care of the entire dish: recipes, practical advice and first choice Italian products to offer a respectable dish full of traditional taste and flavours.