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From meat broth to stock cubes

How to prepare meat broth

The preparation of meat broth is very simple and requires different ingredients which can change depending on the region of origin and family traditions. Choosing 100% Italian meat is a perfect starting point that fits perfectly with the preference for boiled beef , so as to obtain a double result: a boiled beef recipe and the meat broth to be preserved for subsequent preparations.

The preparation is suitable for recipes of all types, from first courses such as Milanese risotto with ossobuco , to inviting and delicious second courses such as crispy roast . In short, there is always a good reason to work and prepare meat broth! The second step is to transform the meat broth into a natural and genuine stock cube, so as to always have it at hand.

Cuts of Italian meat for a perfect homemade broth

The choice of meat

The choice of meat is a fundamental phase as it determines part of the flavor and consequently the best use of the broth. The preparation of the meat cube can be made with even less valuable cuts, unlike boiled meat which, to be excellent, requires certain well-selected portions. Even if the boiled meat can be prepared with medium quality cuts, it will be the skill of the person cooking combined with the choice of the accompanying sauce or Cremonese mustard that will enhance and amplify the flavour.

Generally speaking, for the broth the following are used: chicken wings , chicken neck, beef shoulder , white steak , beef tail . The extra touch and stronger flavor is given by the addition of the bovine knee or femur. In terms of aromas, vegetables take pride of place: celery, carrots and onions combined with garlic and thyme represent the perfect ingredients for a unique, traditional and very fragrant meat broth.

Meat broth and preservation

Transforming meat broth into cubes is really very simple, just use small tricks and keep the mixture quite thick. How to do? Cut the added vegetables into rather thick pieces, so as to make them more "pulpy", let the meat broth cool and divide it into ice containers, put in the refrigerator and use if necessary! Be careful, since the product is homemade and free of preservatives, you need to use it more quickly.

The secret to keeping the flavor of the stock cube unaltered is to use high-quality broth meat and use the cubes within a month of preparation. Depending on your needs, spices or herbs can be added to make the aroma personalized: a spicy touch, an acidic note, a pinch of sweet and sour. The shelf life of the meat cube can also be extended up to three months if it is stored in vacuum-packed containers, so it can be used within three months.

Clarified Italian meat broth dish

Recycle meat for stock

Meat broth lends itself to many processes, sometimes indispensable, other times mere added value. The meat cube is a gem that only those who love cooking, or rather, those who love being in front of the stove, know and choose to make themselves. But the art of recycling? Meat for broth is excellent as a basic ingredient for many preparations. Just think of meatballs, rolls, or stuffed vegetables. In short, choosing boiled meat and creating delicious, delicious dishes with the certainty of bringing genuine products to the table is really very simple!

Packs of pre-packaged meat cubes

The meat cube and the tricks of the trade

To make truly perfect dice you need to use some tricks that few reveal. How to do? Observing the preparations, being enchanted by watching your grandmother spend entire afternoons in the kitchen, bringing back childhood memories is a bit like combining business with pleasure. Here are some secrets.

Water and temperature

Just like when cooking boiled meat, the temperature of the water is a fundamental factor. Fill the pan with cold water, immerse the boiled meats and only then turn on the heat. By doing so, the flavor is amplified through the coagulation of proteins which occurs slowly as the water heats up and reaches the boil.

The value of fire

The flame? Strictly low! The chemical reaction occurs slowly. Furthermore, the low flame allows the meat to cook slowly and be used to its full potential in secondary preparations. In short, no shock, calm is the virtue of the meat cube!

Order, baby!

The need to follow a well-defined order, especially in the kitchen, is a fundamental element. So, to recap: cold water, meat and vegetables. The vegetables, spices and various and any subsequent aromas must be added when the water has reached boiling, so as not to compromise the cooking of the boiled meats.

Plate of meat broth with vegetables and meatballs

Time to get cooking

Now it's time to carefully choose which cuts of meat to put in the pot. Meat and its quality are fundamental elements for obtaining satisfactory results, especially in terms of taste and the certainty of bringing something healthy and genuine to the table without any industrial modification or compromise with preservatives.

Choosing to create a delicious dish without using preparations is synonymous with satisfaction, especially when the dish is taking shape and an inviting, mouth-watering scent disperses throughout the rooms. Sometimes it doesn't take much, you need to know the right techniques and discover some tricks that were once used. Here is the tradition! Fundamental and truly useful element to guarantee authenticity. Carne Genuina chooses to put tradition first, which begins with the type of animal feeding and breeding management. Rigor and discipline, just like it used to be done!