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Come si cuociono

Perfect sausages

Village festivals, - demanding - Sunday barbecues, outdoor picnics: no matter the circumstance, there are situations in which some foods are must-haves and cannot be missed!

What is it about? Some sausage ! Easy to say, after all they can be cooked in many ways, they are also good raw, but when it comes to embers and grills, other factors come into play that transform the griller into a successful griller. Like in American TV series where expert grillers compete for the title with forkfuls and "I'm the best!".

Did you know that sausages , depending on the geographical area, are called dozens of different names? Here are some examples: sausage, loganega, lucanica, luganiga, luganica, luganghina, luanighina, luganigheta, lonaghina, sosizza, savsicchi, löanghina, löanighina, sarsiccia, salzizz, sarciccia.

Perfect sausages: the modus operandi

How important is it to know how to cook a top quality product to perfection?

Much! Actually no, very much! Especially when it comes to meat, the attention to be paid to the cooking method is at the highest levels, since a simple mistake could compromise the final outcome of the dish.

Here are 4 tricks to follow the recipe to the letter without missing a single step!

  1. Pay attention to the product . The first step to cooking a noteworthy dish is to pay maximum attention to the raw materials. Knowing which spices it contains and choosing your trusted butcher's shop is the best way to receive applause from your diners!
  2. The seasoning ? Are you sure it's useful? Very often the sausages are flavored during the preparation of the dough.
  3. The preferred cooking method for obtaining succulent sausages is grilled. The extra trick? Low heat and sausage as close to the heat as possible! The time ranges between 4 and 5 minutes, it is important to cook the product on both sides (on all four if the sausage is still wrapped in the casing): in this way the color will expand uniformly and will allow you to obtain a produced by complete cooking.
  4. When is it ready ? The color should be golden, no black grill stripes! When the sausage reaches an amber color it will be synonymous with ready on the table!

Is your mouth watering? Don't miss our recipes , and remember!

The perfect sausage

The variations offered by the market are endless: hot, spiced, pre-cooked, large and small. In short, choosing the perfect sausage seems like a complicated task.

First of all, it is important to contact your trusted butcher who offers us top quality products and offers us perfect ideas and advice for bringing healthy and genuine products to the table.

In short, finding the right supplier seems to be the key to obtaining delicious dishes and succulent sausages.

Cooking depends on the palate : there are those who prefer the smoked version, and those who don't give up smoked sausage, in any case you need to make sure you have top quality ingredients.

The BBQ Box contains the right variety of products to bring to the table a mixed and tasty grilled meat that doesn't forget the sausage!

The authenticity of the product must be accompanied by the time factor: to cook a perfect sausage you need between 4 and 5 minutes - nothing more, nothing less.

This is the starting point for obtaining a trophy-worthy result for the griller of the season!

Adjusting the cooking temperature, placing the product in direct contact with the embers and avoiding adding flavorings is the perfect technique to offer a delicious and simple dish at the same time.

Perfect sausages: the ingredients

The goodness of the sausages present in the BBQ Box lies in the careful selection of the ingredients that the butchers of the partner companies reserve for their products.

In fact, to make the mixture for pork sausages , first choice cuts from closed-cycle reared pigs are used.

The parts involved are: pork shoulder , pork neck and pork belly . Salt, spices, Grana Padano and a fresh meat broth are added to these cuts of meat.

As for the doses of the recipe, they remain a mystery, but the result is excellent!

The ingredients used are very important, as they determine the success of a top quality and choice product.

Thanks to the spices, Grana Padano and fresh broth, Bovì sausages can be cooked and brought to the table without adding any ingredients during cooking , this detail allows the maintenance of an authentic flavor and particular notes.

The freshness of the products, however, has a demanding note that forces the customer to use greater caution when choosing to cook the perfect sausages: before putting the meat on the fire it is recommended to keep it well covered in the refrigerator, so as to prevent the mixture from drying out too much . Bovì's packaging helps in this aspect, everything is always vacuum-packed, including the sausage.

The perfect sausage: recognize it at first glance

There are 4 characteristics that distinguish a perfect sausage and are recognizable even to an untrained eye:

  1. The gut . If you want to propose sausage, pay attention to the casing, preferring the one that appears thicker at first glance, it generally belongs to the pork and will allow you to better manage the liquids during cooking. If, however, you want to propose the luganega rolled, then choose the casing that appears thinner to you, it is from lamb and will allow quicker cooking that will not make the little ones present impatient!
  2. The fat . The tastiest component of the sausage is the fat, pay attention to the relationship created between the meat and the fat. An imbalance could cause excessive grease which will be annoying. The perfect ratio is 15% to 20% fat to lean. The master butchers of our companies prefer to use fats of different origins, this means that during cooking the thicker fat does not melt completely and gives the dish a stronger flavour, usually part of the back fat and part of the belly are used .
  3. Meat . The cuts of meat involved in the composition of the perfect sausage are the parts richest in fat and collagen, so as to allow a good seal during cooking.
  4. The aromas and perfumes . In addition to garlic and spices, it is customary to use red wine to complete the mixture, but the types of composition vary from region to region. To complete the dish, depending on your tastes, you can add aromas and ingredients that complement the sausage. The only attention should be paid to the choice of flavour, avoid adding other strong and important flavors because you run the risk of taking away attention from the main dish. This is why it is always better to add light and not very tasty side dishes to the grilled sausage capable of adding a light aroma without distorting the taste.

All that remains is to light the embers!