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Le cose da sapere

Perfect ribs

Pork ribs have a podium position in a respectable barbecue! To obtain a succulent and delicious dish you need to pay attention to some details that will crown you as a master griller!

Choose to amaze guests by adding products from the BBQ Box to the classic barbecue: sausages, salami, ribs and ribs, particular aromas and spicy notes.

Smoking is the most delicate phase which offers a strong flavor and an intense aroma. It seems counterintuitive, but making even just a small mistake at this stage means ruining the whole dish! Proposing oriental pork ribs will allow you to give added value to your dish by transforming it into a complete, multifaceted and genuine dish thanks to the spicy notes, oriental aromas and sweet and sour flavour.

Perfect pork ribs: let's discover the key words

The vocabulary of the perfect griller is full of American terms, home of respectable barbecue. To repeat the same atmosphere it is necessary to put yourself in the guise of the inhabitants of the overseas and use the words suitable for preparing perfect pork ribs.

Raw pork ribs with bay leaves
  • Slab
    The slab is part of the pork rib that contains the ribs . Each piece contains between 13 and 15 ribs of different sizes, which is why it is recommended to select the cut of meat to obtain even cooking. In our BBQ Box you will always find whole Slabs, not already cut ribs...that's stuff for beginners!

  • Rub
    The rub is a meat flavoring composed of a mix of spices and perfumes . There are infinite variations and it is possible to create others at home. The rub must be able to enhance the flavor of the chosen meat without covering its taste. The variations for grilled meat generally have strong and well-defined flavors so as to highlight the smokiness and cleanse the palate. In addition to the taste, the rubs also manage to increase the aroma, which is why few people resist a respectable barbecue!

  • Ribs
    Ribs are the ribs that make up the pork slab or rib before cutting. They differ from ribs due to their cooking which prefers the grill to stewed dishes.

The characteristics of perfect pork ribs

To be defined as perfect, the ribs need to respect some instructions which, if followed to the letter, are easy to achieve.

First of all it is important to focus attention on the crunchiness and color to be obtained. To have a dark and tasty crust you need to pay attention to the flavorings and the grill temperature. Perfect pork ribs should be cooked through and through and should not be rare.

The quality of the ribs is an important and demanding issue, the meat must not be too tough and at the same time it must maintain a good structure: after cooking the meat must come away from the bone without much effort , but without falling apart .

Smoking is another simple characteristic to obtain by following the necessary precautions: using a barbecue or grill and respecting the cooking time to obtain the distinctive colour.

Perfect Pork Ribs and Char Siu Rub

To obtain perfect pork ribs you need to season properly and choose strong flavors that at the same time do not contrast with the ribs.

To obtain a balanced and tasty mixture we can choose to rely on the knowledge of skilled grillers who, thanks to their constant research, have found a particular combination capable of maximizing the flavor.

Among the dry seasonings to obtain perfect pork ribs, there is Char Siu Rub .

This compound manages to harmonize the flavor and add a decisive touch that does not upset the flavor but, on the contrary, enhances and amplifies it.

To prepare Char Siu Rub you need:

  • 2 tablespoons of coarse salt
  • 2 tablespoons black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons garlic powder
  • 2 tablespoons coriander
  • 2 tablespoons fennel seeds
  • 1 star anise berry

To prepare Char Siu Rub you need to use a grinder in which to finely chop all the ingredients.

Subsequently, spread the mixture on a wooden surface to ensure that it disperses all the humidity accumulated during cutting. At the end of the hour, put the Char Siu Rub in an airtight jar and...wait for the next barbecue!

Cooking for perfect pork ribs

Charcoal and grill are two types of cooking that offer perfect pork ribs.

However, there are other cooking methods that offer an equally delicious product. Regardless of the way, what is important to underline is the quality of the product: it must be of excellent choice to allow your imagination to dare!

First choice meat comes from the union of different factors: the cut of meat provided by the master butcher, the type of breeding to which the animal is subjected, the well-being of the animal during its life stage.

The result offers first or second choice meat, and to bring healthy and genuine products to the table it is necessary to use the first type with the addition of good cooking.

Pork ribs are also excellent if served stewed or in the oven.

The combination with cabbage offers stewed cooking the pinnacle of flavour, as it releases a unique taste so dear to cold winter days.

The choice of the oven, however, is generally associated with the alternative of embers: summer storms can be an excellent alternative to replace the cooking method and obtain a similar product.

The difference between oven and grill is the preservation, inside the cooking container, of the grease and fat which melts with the temperature, the increase in flavor is instantaneous as is the cholesterol and calorie level!

Pork ribs: where you go, recipe you find

The pig is an animal widely used in different parts of the world.

With the exception of the Islamic population, the others use the resulting cuts of meat in their diet.

To offer a traditional dish with particular flavors it is necessary to inform yourself and choose which spice is preferred to increase the flavor without covering it. This is precisely the detail that transforms a dish from average to sublime!

Oriental pork ribs are an excellent compromise for bringing a genuine product to the table with a particular aroma and flavour.

Follow the recipe on the blog to propose an alternative dish with a scent that will win you over!