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Perfect burger

It's easy to say: "A quick meal, hamburger and go!" But how to make the dish appetizing, healthy and delicious?

Playing with contours is only valid for aesthetics but here substance is also needed!

Die-hard fans of the American-style hamburger will be singing the national anthem and satisfied with the idea will appreciate our advice. For everyone else, all that remains is to sit back and follow the handbook step by step to bring to the table a dish that is easy to make and complete in every part.

Following a specific protocol turns out to be the winning weapon that transforms a simple cooking enthusiast into a highly respectable chef.

Perfect burger: the basics

The choice of meat is one of the magical touches that transform the dish from "good but common" to "excellent".

To enhance the flavor and make the taste of the hamburger it is necessary to use top quality meat which, being carefully selected, manages to trap and perfectly mix the spices chosen to increase the flavour.

Bovì offers selected meat burgers perfect for preparing a dish worthy of a great name. The care taken in the preparation of the hamburger begins with the selection of the best cut of meat and then concludes with flavor advice.

This is why choosing the Bovì hamburger is a bit like selecting minced meat and manually pressing and assembling the food. Furthermore, the Bovì BBQ Box contains other cuts of meat, leaving room for imagination and thus being able to create delicious dishes that both adults and children can enjoy.

The temperature of the meat

The meat must be strictly stored in the refrigerator until the immediate cooking phase.

By doing so, the development of bacterial load and the oxidation of the meat itself are avoided.

Keeping the meat cold helps preserve the layer of fat which, once cooked, will help add flavor and make your burger tastier.


A hamburger rich in nutritional values ​​and good to eat must be cooked medium since, only by using this method do the juices contained in the meat fibers not evaporate and help to make it softer and tastier.

For the more experts, those who control the temperature to make their dish impeccable from all points of view, it is recommended to check and maintain a temperature of 62°C , only in this way will the juices remain in place and offer an explosion of flavor on the palate.

In any case, it is above 72°C that the temperature becomes critical and begins to compromise the success of the dish.

Cooking on the go

Grid, tongs and spade. It's everything you need to cook a burger properly but, if you want to make it perfect you need to add a dose of patience.

Turning the hamburger over and over will be the keystone in your protocol that will allow you to achieve an excellent result on the first try. Creating a constant and well-distributed internal temperature is necessary to offer a well-cooked and calibrated hamburger, from every point of view.

An eye on aesthetics

The attention paid to cooking the meat must be integrated with the choice of secondary ingredients which determine the success of the dish. Among these is the choice of bread , which of the right size must meet both aesthetic standards - being the same size as the hamburger - and taste standards - it must complete the hamburger without covering the flavour .

Americans prefer white bread where weak flour is the main ingredient. In doing so, they create a product with little flavor capable of supporting and completing the hamburger in the best possible way. They have chosen to call this type of bread bun , so in order not to make mistakes at the supermarket they buy the perfect bread for the hamburger which must reflect the same characteristic.

Adding sesame seeds or chopped walnuts to the bread is a winning weapon that transforms your simple hamburger into a special and unique dish. Another step in the protocol is to pass the bread on the griddle before stuffing it and bringing the hamburger to the table.

In this way it will be imbued with flavor and will make the aroma of the meat even more intense.

The sauce cannot be missing

Mayonnaise, ketchup, BBQ sauce or simple extra virgin olive oil. It doesn't matter what your preference is, what matters is that you best dose your extra touch and choose to present the dish in the most amazing way.

Using ready-made sauces is an excellent idea to reduce diners' waiting time, but if you want to create a wow effect , dedicate an extra moment to home-made preparation of the sauce .

Maybe creating a quick pink sauce by mixing ketchup and mayonnaise. The color will be intense and the flavor strong, perfect for accentuating the juiciness of the meat.

Teasing your imagination, perhaps increasing the sauce with particular spices and rich in aromas will be a fun moment that will create suspense.

The perfect burger

Time is running out, the perfect burger is almost done. A short check up is needed to check what is there and what is missing. Surely at this point of the protocol you can focus on the salad , or rather on the lettuce to add to the sandwich.

A green leaf, large, washed, dried and... seasoned ! Add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil , a pinch of pepper or balsamic vinegar and prepare the bed of vegetables where you will place the perfect, perfectly cooked hamburger. It takes ingenuity, attention and a pinch of concentration to not lose track and bring an enchanting dish to the table.

The Bovì Box offers ready-to-cook burgers and other prestigious cuts of meat that will help you create the wow effect in front of your diners. All that remains is to prepare the plate and complete the order, Bovì delivers by courier directly to your home!