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10 fabulous sauces for boiled meat

Meat sauces: flavor that counts

The meat sauce is a side element that transforms the dish from mediocre to excellent, the boundary is subtle, the detail is essential, the mistake is just around the corner and the applause of the diners is a valid recognition. Obviously when the choice is right. Italian cuisine, especially when it puts boiled beef or boiled meat on the table, allows the imagination to play with the elements and flavours.

Boiled meat has a very delicate and rather light flavor which can be accentuated, accompanied, completed or overturned thanks to the sauce added. Therefore, it is necessary to give the maximum and offer the 100% Italian meat to maintain its value unchanged and offer the sauce the right added value, as if to say "from now on the table is dominated by two protagonists": boiled meat and sauces to accompany the meat.

Sauces for boiled meat: the great classics

Italy offers a wide margin of movement, there are well-known flavors and others that are truly extravagant, choose wisely and if you want to be daring you can propose a mix made up of several sauces. Dare, but up to a certain point by focusing on a classic sauce capable of surprising.

Horseradish sauce

Horseradish is the main element that creates the sauce capable of enhancing the flavor of boiled meats . Many confuse it with wasabi, an ingredient present in oriental cuisine. In reality, horseradish is commonly used in Italian cuisine and the preparation of the sauce is really very simple: grate the horseradish and mix it with white vinegar, sugar, salt or oil.

Home made mayonnaise

Boiled meat, boiled meat and mayonnaise are the perfect mix to enjoy the meat at its best and be sure of an "easy win". The preparation is really very simple, care is needed to prevent the mixture from going crazy and lumps forming, once the impasse is overcome and the blender is set up, it is necessary to bring it to the table and... enjoy a winning classic.

Green sauce

Green sauce is another great classic that lends itself perfectly as an accompaniment to boiled meat or boiled meat . There are two regions that can boast the best green sauce: Tuscany and Piedmont, while the first chooses to increase the flavor of the lampredotto, the second opts for the more classic and appropriate variant - personal opinion! - some boiled meat. In both cases the ingredients are: parsley, hard-boiled eggs, stale bread, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and lemon, as well as anchovies, capers and vinegar.

Cugna sauce

A meat sauce based on red grape must, a risk? No! A spectacular accompaniment that finds its right dimension with a mixture of pears and quinces. A slice of boiled meat with a spoonful of cugnà sauce represents an explosion of flavour! A spicy touch, with a sublime flavour. The preparation of the sauce requires careful attention as it is necessary to carefully measure the quantities of the ingredients, especially hazelnuts and cloves.

Pearà sauce

The literal translation is: poor sauce. After all, the ingredients for the preparation are beef marrow, toasted stale bread and meat broth to create and mix the mixture. The preparation must take place at the same time as putting the boiled meat on the table and allows you to enjoy the meat without distorting the flavor but creating a whole of tastes and aromas. The meat is enhanced by the cooking broth and completes the palate thanks to the consistency given by the toasted stale bread.

Bagnet rus

For the Piedmontese, the sauce is as important as its green sister. The color is given by the presence of tomato, the key ingredient for the preparation, which is added to peppers - strictly red, sugar, garlic and carrots. The preparation is very simple, you need to combine the ingredients and leave on a low heat until a concentrated and rather dense mixture is created.

Sauces for boiled meat: the extravagance that conquers

Alongside the great classics you can dare with sauces that are not usually found next to boiled meat, but to dare you need to use cunning. Proposing a trio, for example, is a valid solution that allows you to bring classic flavors to the table alongside particular risks. Dare, sparingly.


The perfect sauce for a solo stew . Fatigue is the only side effect but, if presented carefully and tasted by all guests, the "heavy air" problem is quickly overcome. The preparation is really elementary. Here's how it's done: blanch the garlic cloves in milk, crush them with the addition of hard-boiled egg yolks, parsley, salt and add to the olive oil, creating a creamy mixture.

Tartar sauce

The tartar sauce has that spicy note which, combined with the boiled meat, transforms the bite into an explosion of flavour. The preparation is similar to mayonnaise: mustard, vinegar, fresh tarragon, salt and oil are added to the egg yolks. The extra touch is given by the addition of finely chopped pickles mixed with the sauce, a delight for a few connoisseurs!

Caper sauce

I know chic. The caper sauce is exclusive to the Brianza area which is well known, in the kitchen they dare with measure and find excellent solutions. A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a clove of garlic and a few anchovies are the essential ingredients to which a little onion, capers and meat broth are added during cooking. At the end you need to add a drop of red wine vinegar which calibrates the flavors by adding the acid touch.

Yogurt Based Sauce

The yogurt sauce allows the boiled meat to find a valid ally in terms of softness. Yogurt - better if Greek because it is denser, completes the flavor without adding any touch, increases the flavor of the meat and enhances it. To prepare, just add lemon juice, parsley, salt and extra virgin olive oil .

Sauces for boiled meat

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