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Porchetta : history, curiosities and the most famous

The history of porchetta

We are talking about traditional Porchetta, Italian excellence also exported abroad and typical of the central regions such as Tuscany, Marche and Lazio which we can find in many versions based on the spices, traditions and the city in which it is prepared.

Pork, spices and long cooking: these are the magical ingredients to create this riot of flavours.

Like most famous and traditional recipes, the paternity, place and time of birth of the traditional porchetta recipe are quite uncertain.

It is thought to have occurred in two main locations: Ariccia and Norcia.

Ariccia is located in Lazio, its inhabitants have long claimed the paternity of the original recipe. In fact, it is thought that it even comes from the pre-Romanesque and Latin era, as the Roman nobility used to spend time among the rolling hills of Ariccia during the summer and holiday seasons. Here, the nobles spent their days on hunting trips and opulent banquets. It goes without saying that creating a recipe that fits perfectly with habits and tables set with many people is quite possible.

On the other hand, the Norcini also claim the creation of this recipe: it has also been famous since Roman times. This is possible because in Norcia there were many pig farms: from this fact also derives the noun "norcino", referring to those who deal with pork. Finally, a small village in the province of Perugia also produces and has a particular recipe for porchetta: a tradition that has been interrupted for about 500 years!

In short, the birthplace of the original porchetta is not yet clear, but the idea that it is an ancient recipe, guarded with jealousy and the product is very good, is well defined.

The varieties of porchetta

From the typical shape of a whole log, in slices or slices, we all know the shape of the traditional porchetta. It is also very clear that traditional porchetta is not exactly a dietary, energetic and calorie-rich food. This is thanks to the presence of pork proteins and fats and a small part of flavourings. However, it is precisely the latter that characterize and differentiate one type of porchetta from another. The two main types of porchetta that we can enjoy in Italy are therefore: those with rosemary and those with wild fennel.

Porchetta with rosemary or porchetta di Ariccia: it is the one that has rosemary in the ingredients and we can find it in southern Tuscany, in the Castelli Romani area and in other parts of central Italy.

Porchetta with wild fennel: we can find it in the Marche, Umbria and the upper part of Lazio. Among the most famous, whether it is the porchetta di Vignanello or the porchetta di Costano, fennel gives an unmistakable and delicious aroma.

What are the ingredients of traditional Porchetta?

The traditional porchetta recipe has remained almost unchanged over the years, and requires a very long and complicated process that master butchers master to perfection.

But how do butchers prepare it?

After having cleaned, deboned and gutted the pork, proceed with the addition of spices and perfumes: coarse salt, garlic, pepper, the fifth quarter cut into small pieces, rosemary and - only in some areas - nutmeg and/or wild fennel.

How do you prepare Porchetta at home?

Easy said but less easy to do; but let's not despair, to cook homemade porchetta you need a few small precautions and a small dose of patience but the result will still be very tasty. Read our baked porchetta recipe .

There is no need to say how porchetta is normally consumed because it is so good that even eaten on its own it gives unique sensations in the mouth: on pizza, in a sandwich on the street or simply on a plate, everyone really likes porchetta.