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Pratorosso Christmas Beer Box

Beer and meat, the combination that rocks!

You think of beer and immediately the midsummer barbecue comes to mind, a table laden with delicacies, the scent of RUB combined with ribs , ribeye , Fiorentina and then again, salamella or a free-range chicken cooked on the grill. Beer unites and lends itself to various recipes with beef and more.

Beer creates groups: pils, IPA, double IPA, Stout, Porter, kriek, bock or quadrupel... and just to name a few! In short, when it comes to craft beers and meat produced following the rules of tradition, Italy can - once again - reach the top places on the podium. You need to choose carefully and prefer companies that make products with the utmost care and respect for traditional rules.

Craft beer: a magical world

Anyone who approaches the world of craft beer discovers a magical world, finds new ideas for drinking well and learns to select the beer following the rules of a true taster. After all, it doesn't take much. It starts like this:

Of course this is just the beginning! But it's clear, beer is union and, what's better than meeting around a table eating PDO and PGI cured meats and drinking craft beers? The Prato Rosso Christmas Beer Box has exactly this intent!

When it comes to craft beers, Italy boasts advantages that are unattainable by other nations. In fact, the artisan world is quite recent compared to other countries - like Belgium, for example -, this factor allows us to take the best recipes from abroad and re-propose them using the raw materials that our country offers us. This factor defines the rapid rise of many beer styles which, produced in Italy, prove similar and - sometimes better - than their foreign relatives.

Genuine Meat Tips: Did you know that craft beer can be paired with EVERYTHING? For every dish there is a suitable style!

Beer box: what it contains

The Prato Rosso di Carne Genuina Beer Box contains 4 beers, capable of attracting the approval of different palates: some lighter and more drinkable, alongside other more full-bodied and challenging styles. In short, a beer for every occasion!

Pratorosso pale beer

Pratorosso light beer is perfect when accompanied by cured meats with an intense and well-defined flavor such as bacon and local salami. Light and straw yellow in colour, it is drinkable with citrus and herbaceous aromas. Fluid and veiled, it combines with a compact, white foam with medium-sized bubbles. With an intense and short-lived flavour, it creates a perfect balance between sweet and bitter, thanks to its thin body. Light beer is the perfect starting point for a refined aperitif or with starters based on PDO and PGI cured meats and cheeses.

Pratorosso white beer

The structure of the white beer is completed when it is accompanied by light appetizers based on fish or delicate and fragrant cured meats such as bresaola or Parma PDO raw ham. White beer contains an additional element compared to light beer, and is created by mixing two different types of malt: barley and wheat. The opalescent yellow color is combined with a compact, abundant foam, with a medium persistence and fine bubble grain. On the nose, the floral and citrus aroma is the protagonist, developing with aromas of pine resin, orange peel and wild flowers. Subsequently, fruity and spicy traits appear given by the union with hops. With an intense, sweet and salty taste, it is in perfect balance from the first sip, some bitter traits stand out which join the rest of the flavors offering perfect harmony.

Pratorosso red beer

Full-bodied and intense, at times demanding and at the same time perfectly balanced. The production of red beer competes with an expert chemist who chooses to find the perfect harmony between bitter and toasted. Four barley malts which, combined and calibrated, offer a copper-coloured drink with abundant, ivory-coloured foam. Extremely fragrant, the Pratorosso red beer offers intense notes of caramel and almonds and is perfectly balanced between sweet and bitter in taste. With a fairly intense taste, it is characterized by a dusty mouthfeel that makes red beer the perfect accompaniment to demanding red meats such as stew or stew and mature cheeses .

Pratorosso dark beer

A viscosity between the fluid and the dense, a transparency between the clear and the veiled. This is how we can define the Pratorosso dark beer which, brown and with a persistent beige foam with a mixed bubble texture, becomes a must have on the table in the presence of demanding desserts and moments of relaxation. The scent is structured, complex and of medium duration in which fragrances such as malty, spicy, liqueur-like, fruity and toasted stand out. Specifically, we recognize traits with the scent of coffee, chocolate, licorice and honey.

Local salami Sünì

For every beer there is an ideal dish, right? In the same way, to accompany your favorite drink you need to propose solutions that are multifaceted, can adapt to many things and lend themselves to solving the table of those who open a beer and... between a chat and another choose to eat something tantalizing. Salamino Sünì is a bit like chips, one slice leads to another and here we go from the homemade appetizer to a "made-on-the-fly pasta", a second course with "two things found in the fridge" and a dessert "directly in the pan". In short, it seems that Sunì salami is that product which, combined with beer, amplifies the feeling of feeling good in company.

Christmas, a matter of taste

Choosing the perfect gift is very complex! Carne Genuina.it chooses to propose Christmas tasting boxes with different ideas capable of combining the conviviality of the period with the desire to give a special gift with a double effect: I'll make you smile and we'll spend time together! After all, isn't this the pure essence of Christmas? The desire to share healthy and genuine products is the current of thought that gravitates around the world of Carne Genuina. In the online butcher's shop, in fact, there are various products - from meat to cheeses, from spices to extra virgin olive oil - produced respecting the same common denominator: respect for the environment in which it is produced and the choice to follow traditional rules. Recreating the atmosphere of "Christmas of the past" is possible, you just need to choose the right products!