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Carne e oli

Bizarre combinations for the holidays: meat and essential oils

What are essential oils?

Even before suggesting combinations for the holidays between essential oils and Italian meat products, a clarification is needed. Essential oils are oily aromatic liquids obtained from plants, buds, flowers, seeds, bark, fruits and roots. The term was born in the 16th century from a Swiss doctor who defined 5th essence as one of the components obtained from the extract of a plant.

Now, you don't need to go into detail to realize that we constantly use plant derivatives, although not in the form of essential oils but by choosing ground or dried herbs such as RUB . Over time and with continuous study of plant extracts & Co., it was discovered that the essential oils obtained had numerous qualities used in various holistic disciplines including aromatherapy and the cosmetics sector. Obviously, to use essential oils it is necessary that they are treated properly and lend themselves to becoming edible, which is why not all essential oils are to be added to dishes in the kitchen, but they need to be created specifically.

The essences and the 100% Italian meat

Having clarified what essential oils are, the ordinary conclusion of the reasoning is "Ok, so am I already using them?" Yes, no, maybe. Or rather, it is not a question of confused ideas, but a substantial difference in preparation. Using aromatic herbs without any type of preparation means obtaining 60% of their potential, both in terms of flavor and taste, and in terms of helping to improve the individual's well-being.

It seems complex. This is how it works: the perfume or rather the aroma released by the essential oil reaches a part of the brain directly and immediately, in this way the subject amplifies and undergoes the sensation of well-being. The same happens with the scent of a freshly cooked meat dish, it's the scent that counts. Here the essential oil added to the dish helps to amplify the feeling of well-being. Easy, right?

Italian organic meat and essential oils

Those who are new to the practice can choose to use well-known scents so as to create a good balance between Italian cuisine and the new scents they want to discover and add. The addition of essential oils also helps to reduce any unwanted effects of some elements present in meat such as some antibiotics required by current legislation. Among these are:

  • Rosemary extract reduces antioxidant activity in cuts of pork
  • Thyme essential oil acts on lamb meat
  • Sage essential oil is able to inhibit the growth of salmonella in meat from Italian cattle breeds

The percentages are very small, but they can be a further stimulus to approach fresh Italian meat in addition to essential oils in a more conscious way.

Online butcher shop and essences

The combinations between Italian meat online and essences allows those who are choosing what to bring to the table to dare cuts of Italian beef or try their hand at something particular like Wagyu meat. Carne online Genuina offers various solutions ranging from 100% Italian meat to other hybrid solutions suitable for all palates. When it comes to combinations, imagination dictates the fundamental rules which are added to a minimum of knowledge and the desire to dare.

The simplest method for combining cuts of Italian beef and essential oils is to start with a single flavored oil, which unlike spices is more versatile and adaptable as it responds to a single taste: sweet or bitter, intense or delicate. For example, essential oils obtained from citrus fruits are suitable for adding to white meats such as free-range capon , fresh cheeses and fish. The oils obtained from the plants and roots are perfect for red Italian meats such as beef and blue cheeses. In short, we need to start.

Add whatever happens to you

Once you have become familiar with the use of essential oils and learned their potential, you can start mixing and combining different origins, so as to make the dish even more harmonious and particular. Pay attention to balance, this is the fundamental value to be respected! The Genuine Meat Boxes offer numerous ideas for approaching the practice, thanks to the presence of different cuts of meat from Italian bovine breeds you can try to experiment, perhaps preparing dishes for Christmas lunch. Dare carefully.

The idea of ​​choosing a tasting box is an added value as it allows the imagination to try its hand at preparing particular and little-known cuts of meat and at the same time, the festive occasion lends itself to preparing something unusual starting from one of the great classics of Italian cuisine. In short, if you need one or more valid and good excuses to approach and try your hand at preparing dishes based on fresh Italian meat in association with essential oils, these are very valid.