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Salva pranzo

9 ideas with sausage for a killer dish!

The thousand faces of the sausage

Sausages are loved by everyone, they are enjoyed throughout Italy in many ways and variations which, depending on the region, favor one cooking method over another: simple with bread, grilled or as a flavoring for wonderful soups, in short, tasty and simple in any case. Here is a rundown of the many sausage cooking methods that will tantalize the whole family and save a lunch in just a few minutes.

Sausage in the pan

One of the simplest methods is to sear the sausage in a pan. But what if we want to give an extra boost to the meal? Let's add some red wine! Take the sausage, pierce it and cook it in a pan for a couple of minutes with a light trickle of water on the bottom, to collect the fat that comes out. Once the water has dried, add a generous dose of red wine (a good Barbera d'Asti is right for you) which will give a strong flavor to the pork. Serve with fresh salad or puree and you're done.

Grilled pork sausage

Well, we all know grilled sausage , especially because we are used to enjoying it together with its sister in a tasty sandwich with peppers: salamella . If you want to prepare a lighter version of this tasty dish that we like to enjoy at the town fair, here is a super easy version. Cut a sausage in half, remove the casing and press it with a fork on a hot plate; two minutes on each side and it will be ready. Now all you need is a sandwich, some homemade sauce and enjoy your meal.

The queen of barbecue

There is a saying "there is no barbecue without sausage and salami". For this cooking, there is no particular attention or tricks of the trade because the sausage is as simple to cook as it is good. Whole or skewered on colorful skewers, sausage is the undisputed queen of BBQ. The only precaution is not to pierce the casing to avoid letting the juices escape; if you then want to marinate it lightly to give a stronger flavour, Pork RUB is for you. Are you new to barbecue? Here are some tricks .

Full spit: BBQ sausage

In reality, sausage skewers are perfect for all types of cooking: in the oven, in the pan, on the grill but they always win at the BBQ. Very simple and fun to make, the only precautions are to cut the meat into pieces of similar size, do not pierce the casing and alternate the pork with vegetables to reduce the strong taste they take on during cooking and the fat: the pepper teaches . If you want to try some amazing pork skewers instead, try the lime flavored pork skewers .

Baked in foil on the BBQ

A virtue of necessity, charcoal from the embers can become an unusual cooking method for pork but with a wow effect! Take the sausage, lightly pierce the casing and package it well in lots of foil, now place the parcel under the still hot embers, a few minutes and you will have a very tasty sausage, not dry and cooked to perfection.

Baked in foil in the oven

If you don't have a barbecue available, the baked foil version has nothing to envy of the summer version. Take the sausage, lightly pierce the casing, cut them into small pieces if you want and place them in a parcel together with some new potatoes that you have already blanched and a sprig of rosemary. 30 minutes and you will find yourself in Trentino.

The unusual ragù: white

Returning to the pan, if you are looking for a more delicious sauce for pasta, try removing the casing from the sausage and using it to cook a tasty white ragù. Break the sausage into pieces directly in the hot pan and blend with white wine: add the pasta cooked al dente directly into the pan, stir and enjoy. If you prefer Bolognese ragù, here is the recipe .

The ragù you don't expect

With the same procedure as the Bolognese ragù, we can replace the minced beef with sausage (purists don't mind) to make the ragù even more intense. If we use this amazing sauce to fill homemade ravioli or create a puff pastry millefeuille, the taste of the sausage will be dampened by the pasta to create a unique fusion of flavours.

The old recipe: boiled sausage

Simple, very simple indeed. The boiled sausage brings to mind the dishes of the past where simplicity was king. Just take the sausage, put it in a pan of boiling water with some bay leaves and rosemary and let everything boil for about twenty minutes. A very tasty simplicity if combined with puree or polenta.