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The Barbecue : rules and advice

Grilled and grilled meat is a question of technique

The appropriate use of the barbecue depends on the tool you have and your ability to enhance taste and flavor to obtain succulent and tasty grilled meat. The different solutions on the market allow the use of fuels such as wood, gas and charcoal. You need to choose the solution best suited to your environments and capabilities, so as to operate in extreme safety and offer delicious and tasty dishes .

The precautions to be taken into play are the same for those who are preparing to learn to cook, taking into account the possibility of causing some disaster is not conceivable, which is why safety must be the first step to approach this fantastic world. Choosing the right equipment goes hand in hand with the quality of the meat you intend to grill , since paying maximum attention to just one of the two factors compromises the entire result. Healthy and genuine meat towards a perfect griller.

Lighting the barbecue

Now, you need to dedicate some time to choosing the recipe you want to propose. Some dishes require slow and prolonged cooking at a certain temperature, you can't go wrong, you need to scrupulously follow the rules. Others, however, need a quick and lightning-fast flame, only in this way does the meat acquire the right consistency, the perfect flavor and keep its juiciness intact. How to do? First you need to light the fire. Be careful of flammable sources, small arsonists aren't either. Petrol and alcohol are banned, it is better to opt for the appropriate ignition blocks made from paper, sticks or pressed cardboard. Pay attention to where you light the fire, the center of the barbecue and the deepest area is the ideal solution, so that the heat can subsequently expand uniformly.

Person ready to cook on the ready barbecue

The use of the lid

Depending on the recipe, you can use the appropriate lid which must be positioned in such a way as not to "kill" the fire due to the lack of oxygen and offer the perfect amount of humidity necessary for cooking the chosen cut of meat. Usually, in common models, the temperature of the barbecue reaches 140°C, if the flask with water is positioned correctly and according to the instructions, the resulting humidity will be perfect, as will the cooking of the meat.

The meat must be placed on the grill close enough to the fire to cook and far enough away so as not to char, even more so if you intend to increase the level of difficulty with a delicious cut of meat that requires a certain amount of moisture. Attention and accuracy in the steps are the secret to carrying out the operation in the best possible way and obtaining delicious dishes worthy of a starred cuisine.

Fixed garden barbecue ready for cooking

Barbecue and garden, beyond aesthetics

Rather common and quite used, the brick barbecue is making a comeback in spite of the moving and methane one. The regulatory vein is truly at the highest levels but the certainty of knowing how to use it must not leave room for any doubt since familiarity and quick wits are required. A brick barbecue is usually lit with charcoal. Easy. The preference for cuts of meat to grill is towards those parts of the animal that do not require particular care, other than a constant and medium flame. The additional idea for those who choose this solution is to use fresh Italian meat which has the added value of being healthy and genuine, so as to offer a unique and traditional taste right from the start. Winning easy.

Wood-fired barbecue, version 2.0

Expert grillers and followers of the grillin religion will now say that to be a barbecue it must be wood-fired. True, sometimes. It depends on the wood you use, if you choose waste sticks lit with be paper, it's a bit like being a beginner. If, however, the choice falls on hard, dry woods, the result of careful selection, then we can easily define ourselves as (almost) experts, since the wood is the first step, then you need to know how to light the fire impeccably.

As? Lighting a wood-fired barbecue is a bit like building a pyramid. We start from the centre, and start the fire using the smaller, carefully chosen or broken sticks and then subsequently add the rest of the prepared wood, obviously letting the meat dictate the times and methods, in short, following - once again - the recipe which indicates how and when to “raise” and “lower” the flame.

Meat for grilling on the embers

Classic barbecue rhymes with charcoal

The pyramid is the geometric shape that best goes with the ignition of any type of fire. The idea of ​​using charcoal and the appropriate flammable liquid instead raises the spirits of those who observe the "expert" Sunday griller with attention and a hint of concern. The use of charcoal also allows you to keep the fire and temperature constant for cooking the chosen cuts of meat and presents itself as an excellent solution for those who want to venture into the magical world of humidity. The last winning piece that makes charcoal inexorably rise to the podium is the achievement of a constant cooking temperature. All it takes is 5 minutes - more or less - and you can move on to phase two.

Barbecue for beginners

The electric is the hybrid barbecue that master grillers consider to be a commercial device. It presents itself as a perfect solution for those who have small spaces - such as a humble balcony - and want to enjoy this type of cooking. However, it is necessary to maintain secrecy and avoid confrontation with a follower of grilling so as not to be banned from any group or party. The results that can be obtained from the electric barbecue are good, perhaps not very exciting since it is a simple knob that determines the power of the "fire" and not the skilled and in-depth knowledge of the person holding the tongs in their hand. In short, yes but also no.

The solution is perfect for those who really cannot do without grilled meat , even if they encounter many limitations towards a master griller who has made the fire and the choice of wood his Sunday reason. The idea of ​​the electric barbecue finds a wide margin of satisfaction among those who have to clean and clean everything since it is enough to wait for the coil to cool, and with a wipe of the sponge it looks almost new. Nice yes, but barbecue is something else.

Mixed cuts of meat for grilling during cooking

Mixed grill, barbecue is the solution

Whatever type of meat you intend to grill, in order to bring a truly unique dish to the table you need to experiment both with the raw materials and with the cooking methods and necessary tools. The seasonings and RUB for grilled and grilled meat represent an added value that adds to the choice of barbecue and type of source to use. Carne Genuina offers a perfect solution to save time and pay attention to the choice of wood: the BBQ Box offers barbecue meat perfect for different solutions and needs. Seeing is believing, after having correctly lit the fire!