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5 vegetables to pair with pork

Pork loin and…?

Pork meat offers a multitude of different cuts that can be used in multiple preparations in the kitchen: sausage for a rich pasta, pork chop for a tasty second course, ribs for summer barbecues, loin roast for an autumn Sunday. The many variations choose to adapt to the family's tastes and offer different ideas to the imagination, but. There is a but not to be underestimated! How does it pair with pork? What are the vegetables that best enhance the key ingredient? You need to choose solutions that are in line both in terms of taste and in terms of cooking because if you are preparing a pan-fried pork steak you need the side dish to be quick.

5 classic vegetables

Among the great classics of pork there are:

  • potatoes
  • eggplant
  • zuchinis
  • peppers
  • salad and seasoned raw vegetables

Easy to prepare, versatile just like the choice of meat, effective to entice adults and children.

Potatoes and pork

The potato is the most used vegetable to accompany pork. French fries, roast or puree... The possibilities are many and it lends itself to being cooked together with the meat, this detail allows the meat to take on a high degree of creaminess, just think of the stew. To get the most out of potatoes you need to choose the right type: new potatoes for baking, white pulp for adding to pans or mashed potatoes.

Eggplant and pork

Stuffed! Here is the key word for bringing aubergines to the table with pork. The best is to fill the previously seared aubergines with pork sausage and minced hamburger meat - a little leaner and choice. Other versions choose to be lighter from a nutritional point of view: grilled aubergines added to the pork chops or cut into chunks and pan-fried together with carrots and potatoes for the light, but not too much, version.

Courgettes and pork

Another great classic! Courgettes and pork lend themselves to various preparations: from stuffed courgettes to the softer version. Cut the courgettes into long, thin slices, use them as a base for the rolls and add cheese and cooked ham . A light solution, perfect for summer evenings or for something "ready and go". Cut into chunks and threaded onto a skewer, alternating with pork, they are the highlight of this BBQ dish. Added to the stew they give a sweet and pleasant touch. Grilled with oil and garlic, they are suitable for sharing the dish with aubergines.


Red, green or yellow? Difficult to choose! To obtain a perfect dish and have the perfect handbook as a point of reference to understand how to cook pork chops, you need to take the vegetables into consideration. They are the perfect side dish, whether raw or seared in a pan or on the grill. Vegetables, that something extra. Peppers are perfect both in terms of flavor and colour: that cheerful something that adds to an inviting and tasty dish. How are they prepared? Once again it is she: the imagination, running to the rescue and solving doubts and enigmas, winning on a skewer with courgettes and pork.


Choosing here is really complex. Curly or new? Red or green? Sweet or bitter? Well. First you need to consider the seasoning, as in an Egyptian pyramid, to reach the top you need to know - and quite well - the basics. If by bases we mean first choice ingredients, the side vegetables seasoned with selected extra virgin olive oil and a special salt acquire even more value, solidity and completeness. A large bowl, washed and clean salad and green light for the dressing. For pork it is better to prefer something with little structure, simple oil rather than lemon and salt.

Pork and vegetables: the imagination rejoices

The online butcher shop is full of chosen products, selected and capable of responding to the different needs of the imagination. Vegetables represent the perfect tool to complete a dish, however there are other processes that compete - and complete - the dish. Onions, celery and carrots for sautéing, tomato sauce for full-bodied gravies. And then again, red - or white - wine for stews and stews.

In short, when it comes to ingredients, the cuisine offers a truly fantastic variety, but you need to pay the utmost attention and consider two factors: the choice of the first ingredients, equipping yourself like an avant-garde chemist by measuring out the quantity of food to perfection. Pork is a perfect starting point to dare, try and test, what else? Free space for imagination, here you can!