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The butcher 2.0: the job of the future

The online butcher and the butcher 2.0

With the advent of online butchers, the relationship with the end customer has changed radically, along with the knowledge one must have, the preparation method and presentation of the meat. Being a good butcher of the future obviously goes beyond the virtual showcase that we find in the online shop, you must know how to handle every cut of meat with skill - perhaps even better -. This is because personal contact with the customer is lacking and therefore trust must be gained by offering quality Italian meat, particular cuts and executed in a masterly manner. Furthermore, the many information we find in the product sheets of online butchers allow us to come into contact with particular cuts of meat, ideal for tasty recipes with an international touch.

The online butcher's shop also differs from the local shop, or from the large-scale retail trade, for the careful selection of cattle and the proposed cuts that we can find. Here the butcher of the future can shorten distances and must be a true 360° meat professional and know how to prepare particular and refined cuts, to offer the customer a final product that is difficult to find in the butcher's shop near home.

The secrets of a good butcher of the future

Whether he works in an online butcher 2.0 or in a neighborhood shop, a good butcher of the future must have some precautions and possess transversal knowledge that can no longer be missing. Here are some fundamental points to become a super butcher 2.0.

  • Read books and have a general understanding of the world of meat
  • Have a 360° knowledge of animals, life cycles and animal welfare
  • Know every characteristic of the cuts of meat you work with
  • Know special cuts of meat and how to treat them to keep their characteristics intact
  • Compliance with protocols, maintenance of certain parameters during meat processing in accordance with the law
  • Knowing how to handle the tools of the trade: meat knives & co.
  • Know and know all the secrets of the slicer
  • Know "shop" marketing (online and offline) and the presentation of meat at the counter or in the window of the online butcher shop

In short, the butcher of the future is no longer just a preparer of cuts and to develop a true professional figure there are many aspects that go beyond the preparation of a good cut of meat, he therefore becomes a 360° professional. A set of skills that all together create a true craftsman in the world of meat: from knowledge of the animal's life cycle to knowledge of marketing for the online or 2.0 butcher shop. A set of skills that are needed to know how to manage every aspect of this fascinating and wonderful world and that create the true professionalism of a butcher. How are they acquired? With professional courses that help train butchers 2.0.

Old and new school: who trains the next butchers?

If some jobs are very sectoral, have a real recognized register and require years of studies and specific courses to be carried out, being a butcher is much more accessible and within everyone's reach. Obviously, like all new jobs you face, you need a minimum amount of training and experience, but anyone can become a butcher and take on this fascinating job. Since there is no real recognized register, one of the many ways to approach the work of a butcher - in addition to finding a good mentor - is to follow a dedicated course.

Among the associations involved in training the butchers of the future we find a real family born online and who loves this job. We are talking about Butcher Family group , an association that was born as a group on Facebook, for exchange and sharing, and discovers that around the world of aspiring butchers there is a lot of passion, desire to share but above all to learn a new profession. Here the founders of the group decide to develop and offer professional courses (free and otherwise) to fully train the aspiring butchers of tomorrow: from cuts to maturing to marketing.

A common idea that has transformed into a real academy for the professional training of the new generation of butchers. We hope - together with the Butcher Family group team - that in the future the institutions will recognize the true passion, the wealth of knowledge and how important this work is for everyone and that it will be recognized as a register. In the meantime, we invite you to follow these passionate people and - why not - perhaps become passionate about the world of butchery yourself. In short, once again the online world helps us all and creates a real community that strives to learn, become passionate and train for a job that then turns into a family!