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Alimentazione bovina

Quality of beef. Is “grass fed” better?

What does Grass fed mean?

In recent years, partly thanks to fashion and the desire to rediscover the healthy habits of the past, many farms have chosen to change the method of feeding their herds towards "Grass fed". The term identifies a grass-fed animal, and according to numerous studies, this type of diet allows us to obtain meat richer in nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids - very useful substances for human beings.

The currents of thought that exalt the choice of feeding in the wild have allowed the development of multiple variations that range from the reference to fine meats to the interest of respecting the life of the animal and offering large spaces in which to move freely and feed at will. The result is homogeneous grazing, a natural diet and the continuous and growing interest in the concept that the animal fed in this way offers better meat compared to excessively controlled farming oriented towards industrialization. Everything as it once was, or almost.

Italian meats: Grass fed and studies

Leaving the animal free to eat how, where and when it wants seems to offer extraordinary results in terms of 100% Italian meat . Studies have shown that cuts of Italian beef grown in Grass fed have a percentage of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), (anti-tumor and chemo-protective properties), antioxidants (vitamin E, vitamin A and beta-carotene) , decidedly superior to other types of farming.

Furthermore, the collateral products obtained from pasture-raised animals also offer positive results: tastier cheeses and milk richer in nutrients. Feeding in the wild allows the animal to be independent but, at the same time, escapes the control of the daily ration and could cause imbalances in the composition of Italian meat. Recent studies demonstrate the opposite. Once again the rule of "it was better when it was worse" becomes an essential maxim capable of describing a myriad of benefits that begin with simplicity and the need to bring healthy and genuine Italian meat to the table.

Grass fed and Italian meat: the cons

The need to bring controlled products to the table encounters multiple obstacles in Grass fed farming. Some breeders claim that the technology available in modern times offers millesimal control over the lipid profile of the products and, consequently, allows a perfect selection of the native breed and a return in terms of flavors and excellent consistency. To achieve this result it is necessary to control the formulation and the rations intended for the animals without allowing a sort of self-management. Only in this way, in fact, is it possible to obtain a perfect health profile and a real increase in the organoleptic qualities linked to the single cut of Italian beef.

Grass Fed and Italian meat: the pros

The question of what is best revolves around the result you want to achieve. On the one hand, the farms that have chosen tradition as their pillar and therefore choose to integrate the technology made available by modern times to alleviate the tiring work without wanting to intervene on the preparation and growth times of the animal. In short, a sort of conscious technological integration.

On the other hand there are countless advantages ranging from a unique flavor of the products, combined with a truly excellent quality of spaces where the presence of chemical substances due to the cleaning of the environments is reduced to a minimum. The animal free to graze spends most of its day in large open spaces, so as to leave the stable empty and without the need to use aggressive chemicals for cleaning. Times expand and restore healthy and traditional environments, exactly like those of the past.

100% Italian meat. A difficult choice

A conscious choice. The desire and need to bring healthy, genuine products to the table, and in full compliance with one's own philosophy of thought. Choosing today is easy thanks to the online butcher's shop. CarneGenuina.it chooses to focus on the animal's well-being and thanks to the traditional approach it can offer its customers products that are excellent from a nutritional point of view and exceptional in terms of their sensorial profile. The recipes present in the online butcher's shop offer ample ideas for increasing and enhancing the flavor of Italian meat.

The treated cattle breeds comply with the requirements and protocols dictated by the European Union and at the same time offer an edge thanks to the particular breeding and meat preparation methods. Vacuum packaging lends itself to optimal conservation and guarantees constant and coordinated maintenance of the characteristics as indicated on the meat label. The possibility of daring cuts of Italian beef in addition to curious ingredients therefore becomes a further stimulus for the imagination which adds to the certainty of a unique and... traditional flavour!