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L'originale dell'Oklahoma

Onion Burger

The Oklahoma Onion Burger appears as a simple hamburger with some browned onions. Even if the ingredients that make up this dish are few and simple, tasting it means bringing back memories of the American prairies populated by cowboys with sound principles.

The golden onions complete the dish perfectly , thanks to their bright color and delicious aroma. The instructions describe a dish that is simple to prepare but rigorous at the same time.

In fact, to create the perfect alchemy between the ingredients it is essential to choose top quality meat.

Bovì helps you with your choice by offering the Bovì Box with multiple cuts of meat inside, including beef burgers, perfect for this recipe.

Oklahoma Onion Burger Essentials

In this particular recipe, onions acquire the same importance as beef. The essential tools that contribute to the success of the dish are:

  • The cast iron plate or as similar as possible. The griddle is preferable to the grill to allow the juices to be expelled evenly and not to fall onto the embers.
  • The rigid pliers without bends . This tool is essential for turning the hamburger halfway through cooking and for creating the final dish when you have to create a small pyramid with the bun.

Respecting the rules is the perfect strategy for creating simple and unique dishes. Less is more, the perfect definition for bringing a simple and perfectly balanced dish to the table.

The must-haves for the Oklahoma Onion Burger

Even if special tools are an added value for bringing a noteworthy recipe to the table, in order to create the dish it is necessary to have first choice and quality ingredients .

Bovì offers two solutions: minced meat to create the home-made hamburger or directly purchasing the product ready to be cooked in the Bovì Box , together with other particular cuts of meat.

The Oklahoma Onion Burger, being an apparently simple dish, requires a lot of skill, especially in the choice of ingredients which must necessarily be top quality.

The meat and onions

Master grillers recommend a minimum meat to fat ratio of 80/20 , however a faction of industry experts recommend a specific ratio of 73/27 .

The trick for those who are approaching this art and want to replicate a home version of the Oklahoma Onion Burger is to prefer Wagyu beef as the latter guarantees an excellent percentage of quality fat.

The other ingredient that gives the recipe its name is onion. Crispy, pan-fried, it can increase aroma and flavour.

The cheese , the bread , the bacon

A burger without "at least" a slice of cheese? Heresy for any American! Indeed, the added value given by the cheese is synonymous with a complete dish.

The soul of the Oklahoma Onion Burger is a slice of cheese : Cheddar for the connoisseurs.

The bread must be strictly soft , preferably white , perhaps heated on the hamburger cooking plate : now let's think about it!

Bacon is optional , it adds a crunchy tone and gives a spicy flavor that doesn't hurt.

Onion Burger Oklahoma: the recipe

Once you have procured the essentials, all that remains is to get your hands on the essentials.

Here are the ingredients for the Oklahoma Onion Burger:

  • 2 kg of top quality Bovì minced meat or ready-made Bovì hamburgers
  • 1 white onion
  • 10 slices of Cheddar cheese
  • 5 medium-sized yellow potatoes
  • 2 teaspoons of fine salt
  • extra virgin olive oil


Start the process by preparing the onion : in a bowl add the finely chopped onion and 2 teaspoons of salt . Let it rest for at least an hour to expel excess water.

Remember to remove the burgers from the fridge so you can cook them at room temperature, this detail will help you avoid causing thermal shock and allow the juices to gradually release their flavour.

Prepare the griddle , while you wait for it to heat up, squeeze the onions with a cloth .

Everything is ready?

Pour a few drops of extra virgin olive oil on the griddle , the must is to have the oil sprayer , so as to be able to fill all the spaces evenly.

Arrange the onions on the griddle in small piles , let them brown and add the burgers on top of each pile.

Using the tongs, press lightly to make the onions adhere to the hamburger, in this way they will become one. Let it cook for at least 2 minutes and turn it over .

Place the bread on the griddle and heat it on the inside. Then add the slice of Cheddar cheese , wait until it becomes stringy and... remove from the plate.

The scent is delicious, your mouth is watering... and it's time to sit down at the table!

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The choice of the F.lli Assanelli farm to use the closed cycle farming method allows customers to be certain that the meat they bring to the table was born from a 0 km farming idea .

The boxes offered in our online shop offer the possibility of trying to cook particular cuts of meat. The recipes proposed tickle the imagination and the desire to create original and tasty dishes.

Choosing genuine ingredients is the first trick to obtaining excellent results, adding an imaginative touch or taking inspiration from overseas allows you to obtain imaginative and special dishes!

Choose Bovì Box and bring your creativity to the table! Free your imagination and propose unique pairings! Follow our recipes and create perfectly balanced dishes!