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Black Angus braised meat: idea for New Year's Eve

Argentine Angus meat: what is it?

Angus is a hornless bovine, with short hair and a color that oscillates between red and black, hence the term black Angus meat. Despite its small stature, the animal appears rather massive, in fact its weight varies between 700 and 1000 kg depending on its sex. The main characteristic of Angus meat is the significant presence of fat and its particular marbling which brings to mind the more famous wagyu meat.

On the palate, black Angus meat is tasty and rather sweet, with a soft consistency and, depending on the specific cut of meat, juicy and tasty. These characteristics offer different preparations in the kitchen, among the most suitable are roasts and entrecôte.

Black Angus braised meat recipe

Mouth-watering good with that taste that's a little like this, that color that's a little like that...If the song makes you happy, the intense and inebriating scent that is unleashed in the house helps you to warm your soul, chilled by the freezing winter that has taken possession of our territory. It doesn't take much, a braise and off you go!

Ingredients for Black Angus braised meat

Method for braised Black Angus meat

The preparation of Black Angus braised meat requires obsessive respect for the sequence, so as to guarantee an excellent and truly delicious result!

Fill a large bowl with the red wine and add: coarsely chopped carrots, chopped parsley, crushed garlic, chopped onions, pepper, fennel, sage and the piece of meat. Leave to marinate in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.

Remove the piece of meat from the marinade and dry with absorbent paper, set aside to reach room temperature and then proceed with cooking. In the meantime, also remove the vegetables from the marinade and brown them in a pan with the butter. Brown the meat in the mixture and when it is well coloured, add the meat broth, lower the heat and leave on the heat for at least an hour and a half.

At the end of cooking, turn off the heat and let the meat cool and then proceed with cutting it into slices: half a centimeter thick. Using a mixer, blend the mixture created by combining the vegetables with the spices to create a sauce to accompany the braised Angus meat. Bring to the table together with vegetables or purees and... Enjoy your meal!

Online meat sales and many ideas

Carne Genuina.it has thought of the undecided and has chosen to offer Christmas and non-Christmas tasting boxes dedicated to different types of preparations that manage to leave the right space for imagination and at the same time offer the possibility of offering simple and particular cuts of meat.

The Black Angus meat Black Box is excellent for preparing fantastic burgers, adding a special touch to fillings, bringing a classic Fiorentina steak with an authentic flavor to the table, recreating a Milanese risotto with noteworthy osso buco, or a great classic such as stew with potatoes. Different ideas, many solutions with an indestructible certainty: Black Angus meat is versatile and really very good, try it!