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From Christmas to the big New Year's Eve dinner with boiled meat

Tuscan cuisine and boiled meat

Tuscan cuisine is the cradle of tradition. Many recipes are developed around legends and ways of doing things that only the Tuscan people manage to exalt to perfection, the population's sense of belonging is something very deep-rooted which, at times, arouses envy. In terms of cuisine, in addition to the Tuscan stew, another dish is synonymous with territorial recognition and, just mentioning it will make the image of Santa Maria Novella appear as if by magic, or the Uffizi, or even the hills that develop around the cities of art and transform the landscape into an artist's painting: Fiorentina.

Unfairly less famous, at least in terms of flavour, Tuscan-style boiled meat also has its reasons and combines exactly like the Florentine - high and medium rare, thank you! - to the tradition of the place of origin. To recreate the party atmosphere that you feel in any Tuscan trattoria, very little is needed. Boiled beef and Tuscan cuisine, here's the recipe for an amazing New Year's Eve!

Tuscan recipes: boiled meat

To re-propose the recipe you need to use the right ingredients. The cut of meat is essential to make the boiled meat recipe as per tradition. The New Year's Eve menu acquires added value thanks to the particularity of the recipe which, easy to prepare, amazes with its added value.

Tuscan boiled meat ingredients

Preparation of Tuscan boiled meat

To prepare Tuscan boiled meat you need to make the preparation silly - a typical expression of the area. How you do it? Fill a high-sided pan with water, put on the heat and when it is about to boil, add the ingredients in this order: meat, clean and coarsely chopped vegetables.

Lower the heat and leave on the heat for at least 2 hours. When almost cooked, add salt and add a few chopped parsley leaves. While waiting, you can prepare the sauces to accompany it, if you want to respect tradition without adding anything else, you need to bring the green sauce to the table.

At the end, use a slotted spoon to clean the surface of the scraps and remove the meat from the pan. Slice into thick slices at least 1.5 cm and plate. Add a few grains of pepper, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and bring to the table.

Boiled meat

To prepare the New Year's Eve menu, you need to plan ahead so that you can enjoy the festive moment with all the guests. Boiled meats are an excellent compromise because they are demanding without excess and offer the possibility of bringing a healthy dish to the table. The Genuine Meat Bollito Box is a fantastic idea that offers the possibility of experimenting with new and old recipes by choosing products guaranteed in terms of nutrition and preparation.

Choosing to combine boiled meat with Cremonese mustard is another key pillar that responds to a classic among the great classics. Easy to make, good to eat. Tuscan cuisine offers numerous ideas ranging from free-range capon to the "classic" Fiorentina or the more particular T-Bone steak. Choosing meat for broth is a good starting point that allows you to go beyond the classic preparations known to all, furthermore there is a further added value that allows the leftovers to be reused perhaps for a filling and to prepare a typical recipe of a other Italian region.