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How to cook roast priest's hat

Second course that tastes like home

Priest's hat is one of the cuts of meat that can have different names depending on the city where you taste it. Fesone shoulder in Milan, while in Bari, Naples and Turin you can ask for shoulder. In central Italy you can hear it called shoulder pulp while in Reggio Calabria it is shoulder rind. In Sicily, however, it is the paliciata, spallone in Messina and shoulder plan in Palermo.

Whatever you call it, the priest's hat has the same characteristics: a light vein of connective tissue which makes it particularly tasty and which, melting during cooking, gives the piece its characteristic softness and its narrow and elongated shape. And it is precisely from the latter that it takes its name: the shape and its curvature in the central part recalls that of the hats that were used in the past by priests.

Furthermore, this cut of beef is among the most tender there is and lends itself to long cooking such as roast, stew, braised meat blended with wine and above all boiled. But it's also a great barbecue meat! A tasty second course capable of enhancing this cut is undoubtedly the roast priest's hat. With this recipe, an excellent figure is guaranteed!

The quick and easy recipe
  • Season the piece of meat with salt and pepper or spices to taste . Place in a large pan capable of containing the cut with the extra virgin olive oil. Once in the pan, brown both sides thoroughly, turning only once and above all being careful not to pierce it to prevent the juices from escaping, use tongs to facilitate the process.
  • Move on to baking: finely chop the onion and carrot, then place everything in a large baking dish and add the priest's hat . Pour the red wine and bake at 180° for 60 minutes (ventilated oven); towards the end of cooking, increase the temperature to 190° to obtain a delicious browning of the cut of meat. Sprinkle often with the cooking juices.
  • When the roast priest's hat is cooked, remove it from the oven and leave to cool before slicing it. Finally, cut the meat into thin slices and serve with vegetables, puree, a reduction of red wine or prepare a nice sauce by blending all the base present in the cut. Enjoy your meal!

There are a thousand recipes with the priest's hat cut of meat; one of them is to roast it on the barbecue. Simply cover the beef with RUB and cook it for a long time, slowly at a constant temperature ("low and slow" cooking) to keep the meat soft and juicy.

Roasted, scalloped, cut into bite-sized pieces or strips, however you decide to cook the priest's hat, thanks to Carne Genuina you will be sure of bringing to the table a dish with a unique taste that will surprise your guests.