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Christmas Cheese Box: the evergreen for the holidays

The cheese platter for Christmas satisfies everyone

Deciding which cheeses to present on the table during the holidays is a serious matter. We need to find the right balance between those who decide to start the meal with this delight and those who prefer to end the meal with beauty. In short, balance is needed both in the presentation of the dishes and in the proposal of the variety of cheeses to be presented on the cutting board.

The Italian tradition offers a vast variety of cheeses ranging from those with a spicy note, to those with a strong flavor to the more delicate one, you need to choose the right mix. For this reason, Carne Genuina comes to the rescue with the Christmas Box dedicated to cheeses. Thanks to this Box you will have the right proposal to create tasty combinations that resolve the flow and offer the long sought after balance.

Cheeses and mustards: the perfect pairing

Carne Genuina chooses to offer a vast choice of traditional Italian cheeses that respond to the Lombard tradition and are produced in full compliance with the rules with quality products. The idea is to offer its customers a perfect mix to satisfy everyone's tastes, which is why in the online butcher's shop you can purchase boxes that contain a vast variety of cheeses to meet different needs.

the cheeses from the Taddei dairy

The dairy is located in Fornovo San Giovanni, a town located in the lower Bergamo plain. It was 1885 when great-grandfather Giandomenico decided to start this work which has become a family tradition. Today Massimo Taddei represents the fourth generation of this dairy company which over the years has specialized in the production and maturing of cheeses linked to the Lombard tradition, continuing to promote artisanal processing which has always been the added value of the company.

The Cremonese mustard from Leccornie.com

Leccornie doc is an authentic artisan laboratory founded in 2002 by Enrica Orsini with the aim of discovering what is new in tradition, in typical flavors and in genuine products. The focus of this laboratory is to establish a dialogue between tradition and avant-garde, giving relevance to classic recipes and starting from these to experiment and create new recipes.

The Christmas Cheese Box: contents

Here is a brief overview of the Italian cheeses that you will find in the Christmas Cheese Box. A touch of character, combined with a sometimes strong and sometimes sweeter taste that can be combined with tasty mustards.

Taleggio DOP written in blue

The molds present on Taleggio PDO with blue writing are of animal origin and make it a niche gastronomic product. The artisanal process in full compliance with the rules of tradition requires a Taleggio made with cow's milk produced with the two-paste technique. The formation of natural mold allows the flavor to increase in intensity and reach a spicy note depending on the maturation period and the pressure of sponging.

Taleggio DOP red writing

The red-written Taleggio PDO has a production procedure similar to the blue-written Taleggio DOP. It once had a seasonal characteristic since the maturing took place in narrow spaces that could not be reached for twelve months of the year. Thanks to this peculiarity the cheese acquires a spectacular slightly spicy aroma.

Bluetunt blue cheese

A respectable blue cheese. On the palate you can feel the two pastas, one more wrinkled and one more melting, the flavor is slightly acidic, persistent, with a strong aftertaste of undergrowth, accentuated in the more mature forms, where the pasta is also darker and creamier with more evident marbling , persistence is long.

Formaggella Bergamasca

Just say formaggella bergamasca, and memories immediately come back to us linked to the moment in which we discovered this fantastic multifaceted product in the kitchen for the first time. The pasta is semi-cooked and the production takes place with strictly local cow's milk. Salt and rennet complete the ingredients necessary for production.

Save Cremasco DOP

Salva Cremasco DOP is a very tasty cheese that is produced in Lombardy. It is a soft, raw table cheese with a washed rind, which is often flavored with edible oil, pomace or aromatic herbs. Salva Cremasco DOP is produced exclusively with raw whole cow's milk from the Bruna Alpina and Frisona Italiana cattle breeds.

Full mustard!

What would cheeses be without mustards? In particular, in the tasting box you will find the real Cremonese mustard produced with careful and long processing to preserve the organoleptic peculiarities of the processed fruit and vegetables. Only the best, fresh, natural raw materials which are then cleaned, peeled, cut by hand and sent to the slow and typical candying process.

In the Box you will find a mustard of your choice between:

  • Blueberry Mostarda: ideal with game, tasty cheeses such as Bitto, desserts, cream ice cream
  • Strawberry Mostarda: ideal with goose liver, venison and wild boar cured meats, fresh and creamy cheeses, chocolate desserts and cream ice cream
  • Onion mustard: ideal with meat and medium-aged cheeses such as Salva and Castelmagno and blue cheeses

And a Christmas velvety mustard

  • Christmas cream soup (chestnut and orange with cinnamon): ideal with soft and fresh cheeses such as Crescenza, mascarpone and cream ice cream.

Mixed starter: the perfect decision

To please everyone, the combination of appetizers with cheeses and a cold cuts platter is the most classic thing that can be proposed. To dare, you need to start with the basics and gradually create a personalized balance in line with the tastes of all the guests. The idea of ​​proposing a calibrated mix is ​​the perfect solution to please everyone and keep the balance of the table intact. Presenting the combination of Italian cheeses and DOP cured meats on the table is the ideal solution, but attention must be paid to the quality of the products, so as to guarantee the authenticity of the table. The Christmas tasting boxes also come to the rescue to make a tasty, refined gift with the right mix of Italian tradition and genuine products. Discover them all in the Christmas Special section.