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Online butchers

E-commerce : buy meat online

The convenience that large distribution companies offer with the delivery of groceries to the customer's home is gradually increasing its success and popularity .

Online butchers pick up on this trend and establish themselves on the market as real competitors compared to the local butcher. The choice to follow the example of American butchers also in Italy is dictated above all by the desire to offer new products , while remaining in full compliance with company ethics.

The new trend of online meat sales with the possibility of purchasing special cuts (like our Florentine steaks ), meat from around the world or predefined boxes containing cuts of meat of a particular nature (like our Bovì Boxes or our BBQ Boxes ) is enjoying such success to push many traditional butchers towards the use of the digital channel and become an online butcher . Likewise, farms and livestock farms are becoming interested in the online butchery sector and are trying to carve out their own market niche.

Others, however, follow another trend such as, for example, the opening of a direct catering channel next to the home butcher shop. The Cecchini butcher's shop in Panzano in Chianti and the butcher's shop in the Motta di Inzago area are two excellent examples of this innovation. Whether online or not, the industry revolution is already underway . By positioning ourselves on digital and becoming an online butcher's shop, we have chosen to focus on the possibilities that modern technologies offer and bring our Italian meat online : a home butcher's shop just a click away .

Online meat sales: the American example

The American agencies Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen Media Research say that by 2022, 70% of American consumers will turn exclusively to meat purchases from the online world, also for other food products. Butchers and others are invading the food sector of the e-commerce world: market research shows greater trust on the part of customers towards certified and safe online butchers .

The trend is demonstrated by Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods which required an investment of over 13 billion dollars. The giant, based in Seattle, has in fact chosen to expand its offer to include food products. In this way, home butchers and butchers in the area - butchers in English - will also be able to expand their distribution target and increase their turnover.

The trend seems to be growing in Italy too , although for food purchases the people of the Bel Paese still prefer to touch and have direct contact with the trader.

Nonetheless, forecasts speak of a double-digit surge: Confcommercio research shows that interest in online purchases in the food sector is clearly growing : +8 billion compared to 2016 in Europe. Unlike Americans, who exclusively prefer purchasing meat online, Europeans and in particular Italians combine the virtual shop with the physical one , without preferring one over the other but, using the most convenient channel according to needs . What stands out is the preference for large quantity purchases online and the choice to personally check the product and quality for small consumption.

American online butchers seem to have something to teach those who still do not share the technological turning point that the modern world is experiencing. The online butcher's shop demonstrates how, even from behind a screen, it is possible to obtain valid and certified products that meet the authenticity requirements that all customers are now looking for.

The online butcher: convenient , practical and fast

The positive characteristics that push people to buy meat online are dictated by time savings and the possibility of choosing exactly what you want and according to the user experience that each individual user likes best.

A unique and flexible shopping user experience is a fundamental added value for today's online customers.

In terms of regulations, the controls to which foods purchased and sold through electronic commerce are subjected are dictated by Community Regulation 1169/2011/EU which defines the areas of application and requirements.

Nonetheless, compliance with hygiene standards is difficult and cannot be generalized to the entire food sector. Each declination and specificity applies well-defined and structured regulations based on the topic of interest.

The protection of consumer health is guaranteed by a set of rules that have different characteristics and range from production to packaging. The online purchase of food products is therefore practical and safe and offers equivalent or better products than the home butcher shop in Milan with the convenience of receiving the shopping directly at your home.

E-commerce everywhere: meat from the world and Italian meat online

The idea of ​​opening an e-commerce to sell meat online proves to be a valid alternative to reach otherwise unattainable customer targets.

Today, society is undeniably always connected. In fact, thanks to apps and sophisticated software, we are able to make our day much more fluid and easier to live. Just think of the apps that allow us to turn on kitchen appliances and have dinner ready in the oven! Or the air conditioner in summer, or the dishwasher cycle immediately after the washing machine's end-of-wash notification.

Similarly, purchases via the internet have also undergone a significant surge: if on the one hand it is easier to choose while sitting comfortably on the sofa at home, on the other it is possible to buy anything.

Online shopping is one of the many possibilities offered in the world of e-commerce. Is the refrigerator empty? Instead of traveling around dozens of neighborhoods in Milan or Rome, today there is the possibility of searching for a butcher's shop online and receiving the product directly at home !

Choosing to make conscious purchases can be a valid solution for purchasing without stress and with the certainty of having in exchange healthy and genuine products created with full respect for the animal and traditions. Carne Genuina has chosen to follow this trend and offers cuts of Italian meat online, alongside meat from around the world, to bring refined dishes to the table or evoke the flavors of rural tradition.

The company's objectives are also shown by the desire to use an innovative channel without neglecting the production traditions that revolve around the need to maintain a direct relationship between nature and innovation.

Innovative thinking is combined with animal welfare which for Carne Genuina has an absolute value and maximum respect , which is why they choose to raise their animals with a closed cycle, i.e. choosing to use raw materials coming directly from their land.

Ethics and recognition of the value of traditions are a strong point that our company has in common with all the other companies that contribute to enriching online meat e-commerce. Choosing to underline the importance of certain values ​​is an added value that demonstrates how important both animal welfare and the authenticity of the products sold are.