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La filosofia Bovì

Animal welfare

The butcher's profession is a noble art that respects a very specific ethic in which every animal must be respected and raised in a decent manner.

Ensuring respect for animals means allowing end consumers to benefit from a healthy and genuine product . The fundamental factors that represent Bovì's ethics are: respect, taste, healthiness and animal welfare.

The combination of these 4 components allows you to obtain an excellent product slaughtered according to very specific ethics. In this process the food chain is safe and we can offer genuine products in line with respect for our tradition.

Nothing goes to waste : the nose to tail philosophy

Respect for the animal aims to not waste any of the cuts of meat made.

Precisely for this reason we also offer particular and little-known cuts of meat . The objective is and remains to operate in an ethical manner with an eye towards waste and consequently respect for the animal.

It might seem strange but the ethics of the master butcher moves hand in hand with the love and well-being of the animal: if to recognize a cut of meat it is enough to be a butcher, to operate on the animal respecting the ethics of the profession it is It is necessary to be good butchers who put experience and respect before greed dictated by haste. In fact, the perfect cut of meat is obtained from a careful selection of items and from a master butcher who works with care and precision .

The conscious choice of which animals to bring to the slaughterhouse is the result of a careful selection which is put into practice only if the animal is in good condition and has been treated with respect.

Animals must live a dignified life, which is why we follow the rhythms of nature and do not use too high a ration which would impact the characteristics of the final product.

Quality foods for antibiotic-free farming and meat

To obtain valuable and little-known cuts of meat, you must first of all intervene on the animal and then on the treatment of the meat.

Our concept of Well-being reflects the company mission that we want to respect and put into practice. Feeding our animals with hay and grass from our land is a step forward towards the application of the closed cycle which allows complete control, from respect for the animal while it is alive to the delivery of the final product.

The animals live in adequate, clean environments with plenty of space , furthermore, they are raised on permanent litter enjoying the possibility of being outdoors. All these precautions allow us to have an incredibly high level of herd health and, in doing so, we have the opportunity to boast the practice of antibiotic-free breeding. This possibility allows us to offer antibiotic-free products on the market: meat without antibiotics .

In 2019 our lead company, Soc. Agr. F.lli Assanelli, has begun a process of certification and guarantee of welfare on farms according to the standard of the National Reference Center for Animal Welfare (CReNBA).

The CReNBA has developed a complex system for evaluating the welfare of cattle which takes into consideration both the environmental conditions (management, structures, equipment and microclimatic conditions) and the evaluation of the reactions and adaptation of the animals to the breeding conditions (for example For example, it is significant to observe when the animals are calm and it is possible to approach them in a natural way).

Genuine flavours

Taste and healthiness are elements that arise as a consequence and are guaranteed by the philosophy that our company puts into practice.

The meat we sell is genuine , we prefer to respect the times of nature and offer foods with a natural and unforced shelf life, although it appears to be a detail, the preference not to use additional additives appears to be a key concept capable of guaranteeing a healthy and genuine product .

Our recipes combine the use of cuts of meat with other ingredients that are able to enhance the flavor of the product without the need to use other elements: spices , Maldon salt and cheeses are examples of this.

What do you put on your plate ?

It's easy to say meat, but how much do we know about the steak on our plate? The food supply chain, especially the Italian one, is subject to countless controls which range from the verification of the farms to the sale of the finished product.

Too often, however, we focus on the type of meat and do not valorise the products coming from our territory. Awareness campaigns to bring Italian products back into fashion are multiplying and alongside these, emphasis is being placed on the desire to rediscover ancient and authentic flavours .

Here, we at Bovì have chosen to use an innovative means - such as our e-commerce - to create a point of union between tradition and modernity . We are convinced that our desire to put healthy products on the table goes hand in hand with everyone's need to know the dishes they bring to the table.

We choose to follow the traditions and trend of "Eat Italian and eat better!" Bovì brings healthy meat to the table!