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Una grigliata perfetta

The Italian barbecue

Summer and heat rhyme with swimming pool and barbecue, or picnic, or trip out of town...The common denominator remains the barbecue !

People of enthusiasts, we choose to remain dazed in front of the television admiring real or presumed chefs - especially from overseas - who delight in embers, fire and charcoal. Sometimes driven by an unstoppable craving we choose to organize an alternative evening, we invite friends, relatives and acquaintances and...We have to have a barbecue .

Where do we start?

There are many who maintain that to create excellent grilled meat you need professional equipment such as the Josper oven, yet others who profess to be rising stars of the art of barbecue choose to focus on fire and flame: lively or weak.

Finally there are those who have made an art of wisdom and, taking inspiration from different currents of thought, choose to focus attention above all - but not only - on the main ingredient: meat .

What do you grill ?

The selection we offer in the store offers different possibilities and combinations.

The BBQ Box includes:

  • Beef ribs
  • Beef burger
  • Salamelle
  • Ribs
  • Skewers
  • Sausage

The meats we offer are perfectly suited to cooking over an open flame , but the oven doesn't disdain them either. If you want to amaze your guests you can dare by choosing different long or short cooking methods, at high temperature or low temperature, with or without smoking and propose a menu full of different flavors and textures!

Red beef and pork are the perfect choice to create a spectacular barbecue by adding vegetables and potatoes the service will be complete!

Be careful with the tools

Technical tongs , cutting board, fork , knife and BBQ gloves represent the essential tools for cooking meat as best as possible and exploiting all the potential of the barbecue.

Another element that contributes to the success of grilled meat is the preference for wood or charcoal : wood needs a lot of calm and patience, both to create the ideal temperature and to make cooking satisfying.

More practical and quicker, charcoal can also satisfy the needs of last minute grillers.

An extra touch? Abandon the idea of ​​a high, lively flame and maintain a moderate flame , whatever your preference between wood and charcoal, you will be able to give a veiled and non-aggressive caramelization to the meat on the grill.

An out of the ordinary marinade

Prepare the meat following a precise procedure. Remember that meat needs rest and to release maximum flavor it needs to be softened and seasoned .

Spices, in particular RUB , are the secret to enriching a respectable barbecue with aromas and particular fragrances. The term RUB, which literally means massage , refers to a precise treatment of the meat before placing it on the fire. The addition of RUB allows you to increase the flavor and taste that the special cut of meat can offer.

To increase the flavor or offer a singular and innovative aftertaste , the meat can be marinated . Use edible herbs or seeds that add a touch of flavor without distorting the taste of the grilled meat.

Cloves, rosemary and allspice represent a perfect trio which, accompanied by artisanal extra virgin olive oil, manage to accentuate the umami taste of grilled meat.

Marinating usually takes up between 2 or 3 hours before cooking , the time varies depending on the type of meat you intend to cook and use. The cut of meat is a fundamental factor in defining preparation times. If you are using a large piece of meat it is important to increase the marinating time to allow the fibers present in the product to absorb the added substances.

Particular care must also be paid to the ingredients you intend to add; if you choose to make a simple marinade you can use extra virgin olive oil, cloves of garlic and rosemary.

Depending on the ingredients used for flavouring, it will also be necessary to dose, but only at the end of cooking , the salt which may have both an aesthetic appearance and a function linked to flavour, for example, by choosing Maldon salt, on sale in our store, customers will be amazed guests for the particular shape that the beans of this special product present.

Professionals also use the dry brining technique which consists of previous salting and guarantees the meat the possibility of absorbing all the flavor that the salt will be able to offer during cooking.

The side dish , secondary but not too much

To ensure the success of the perfect barbecue it is essential to think about a 360° organization! The side dish is often the tip of the balance that leads the chef towards the pinnacle of success.

Thinking of a perfect barbecue without considering the vegetables in dip to combat the wait or the grilled courgettes that accompany the skewers is half a victory!

To complete the course, you can use the flame of the grill and cook - rather than simply sear - vegetables previously cut into slices: spring onions , courgettes , aubergines , carrots and peppers are the great classics which, together with fried or baked chips , accompany the meat grilled.

To amaze your guests, you can use the same marinade as the meat and thus also increase the flavor of the vegetables that accompany it. For seasoning vegetables it is preferable to choose lemon juice which lends itself to strong and decisive flavours.

The mise en place. Amaze with your eyes

An underrated element, it comes back into fashion when it accompanies the arrival of fragrant grilled meat on the table!

When we talk about the perfect barbecue, we must not forget that it is a meal that very often takes place outdoors , which is why it is necessary to have all the necessary tools, leaving bon ton and etiquette reserved for other occasions. The ribs can be eaten with your hands, the salamella is perfect with the sandwich and the chips can be enjoyed between bites! This is the convivial soul of every self-respecting barbecue!

This is why there must be cutlery on the table, but napkins are the must have of the meal. Presenting a platter full of steaming grilled meat on freshly seared vegetables has its purpose and captures the sight before it even reaches the palate. The mise en place of the perfect barbecue requires maximum simplicity without neglecting the essential elements.

light the fire

Now that all the secrets have been revealed, all that remains is to order the BBQ Box , the spices and the vegetables to start imagining the next barbecue.

You need sun, patience and a desire to do things! Grilled meat does not require precautions worthy of great chefs, but to be perfect it requires small precautions that offer the necessary ideas to take care of both the cooking and everything that revolves around it.

To end on a high note you can choose to accompany the barbecue with beer or red wine. Call your friends and light the fire!