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Bovi Burger

Spicy burgers: tasty and imaginative

Tender Beef: The Story of the Hamburger

The stories that revolve around the birth of this very famous dish, now the focal point of many fast food restaurants, are truly many. The best known is the one that decreed the birth of the hamburger in Germany, Hamburg to be precise. According to legend, the German chef Otto Kuasw, struck by an imaginative leap, removed a piece of sausage from a casing and cooked it in a pan with melted butter. He then created the sandwich by adding cooked sausage between two slices of bread. Without knowing it, he created the first hamburger which began to become popular in the city's port until it reached the overseas shores where it took the name of "Hamburger Steak".

Bovi Burger: 100% Italian meat

Beef burgers are a perfect compromise for eating meat without too much effort. Quick and easy cooking lends itself to the grill, the pan and why not? Even baked! To obtain a delicious dish, few rules are needed: 100% Italian meat, first choice and accompanied with unique and particular spices. The solutions proposed by Carne Genuina choose to add a pinch of madness without exceeding so as to keep the flavor of the meat intact, as if to say: add without distorting. Recipes with hamburger meat are varied and sometimes truly bizarre: to bring delicious and extravagant dishes to the table you need to respect the criterion of keeping the flavor of the meat unchanged, for the rest anything - or almost anything - is allowed.

What is hamburger

Before going into detail, we need to take a step back and delve deeper into what the hamburger is. Hamburger is a butcher's product made from raw beef assembled into an oval or round shape. The dish is much appreciated especially by the little ones who love it when it is immersed in two slices of soft bread.

Fast food restaurants have contributed to the success of the product by creating recipes with minced hamburger meat in addition to particular or simple sauces to accompany the meat such as mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup. The dish is perfect for all seasons and at any time, in short it is always time for a good burger, the more adventurous can choose to create burgers independently by adding ingredients to the mixture with raw beef and bringing innovative and genuine dishes to the table . In short, the product lends itself to numerous variations and different solutions, from the quick and easy meal, to the elaborate and sophisticated dinner, what changes is the choice of spices and side dish.

Simon Burger. Crazy winning idea

Carne Genuina chooses to propose particular and bizarre solutions capable of enhancing the flavor of fresh Italian meat raised according to tradition. The idea is to use Bembo spices and transform some secondary flavor details into protagonists. The Simon Burger is the perfect example that makes your choice of ground beef rich and delicious.

The ingredients show a perfect balance between sweetness and spicy notes: 100% Italian adult beef, thyme, onion, sweet paprika, salt, black pepper, white pepper, garlic, cane sugar, oregano, chilli pepper, nutmeg, cumin. Aromatic herbs help to keep intact those peaks of flavor that otherwise risk disappearing because they are overwhelmed by accompanying sauces or tasty side dishes. Enhance meat with the certainty that the raw materials are first choice.

Buffalo Burger. Dare with abundance

Dare without overdoing it. The first bite of the Buffalo Burger tells you exactly what it means to dare sparingly, to have that pinch of creativity that increases without distorting, amazes without tiring. Living the experience of a Buffalo burger is the perfect condition, but to get close to the idea just read the ingredients: 100% Italian adult beef, mince, garlic, onion, sweet paprika, oregano, salt, cane sugar, parsley , black pepper, cayenne pepper, tomato, sage, marjoram.

Where the parsley doesn't clash, the chilli pepper combined with brown sugar amazes. The spicy touch is immediately filled by the sense of sweetness that is defined and concludes with the authentic and reassuring flavor of sage. A particular product, capable of making even those who doubt the spicy and sweet association change their minds.

Grandpa Burger. The simplicity of tradition

Winning with delicate simplicity. The grandpa burger is the simplest thing you can imagine. Italian cuisine is based on tradition, on the same rules that the online butcher Carne Genuina has chosen to use in its company and philosophy: healthy and genuine products in full respect of animal welfare and the rhythms of nature. With this company vision, Nonno burger was born, which if the name already tells of the desire to bring tradition back into vogue, it is in the ingredients that best expresses the concept of less is more: 100% Italian adult beef and Parmigiano Reggiano .

If bringing grandpa's burger to the table might seem like too little, you can choose to combine the dish with particular sauces. The added value is evident, you can risk daring combinations while keeping the traditional principle intact, perhaps choosing accompaniments with the PDO and PGI labels such as wrapping the hamburger in a slice of PDO bacon.

Beef online: a conscious choice

Recipes with minced meat and hamburgers allow you to bring to the table in almost no time a complete dish from a nutritional point of view and appetizing in terms of taste buds. To obtain maximum results it is essential to choose top quality meat and carefully choose what to cook.

Carne Genuina is an online Italian meat butcher that creates a common thread between traditional farming and new trading methods. Once upon a time you went to the butcher's shop near your home and chose the meat in person, every time just one click was enough to get information about the virtual shop and choose your favorite cut of meat. The product guarantee is also given by the delivery method which, as regards Carne Genuina, is vacuum-packed and offers good preservation. Daring new cuts of meat is therefore a new stimulus to cook something new and leave free will to the imagination.