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Blended burger: the hybrid we like

What does blended burger mean?

“As a recipe with meat for dinner we will make fake burgers”. If you hear this phrase when you return home, wait! Don't think that the cook is on the verge of exhaustion and wants to become vegetarian or vegan, she is simply talking about the current fashion, which is not clear to everyone. Now, it is well known that fashions are not always good and right things but we need to clarify. Only in this way will you be able to respond to the next blended meat burger with a firm, loud and well-pronounced: "Yes, thank you!".

The blended vegetable burger is a product similar in appearance to the meat burger but does not contain the slightest trace of meat. Curious. Now, no one wants to be polemical towards those who, by choice or necessity, have to move away from meat, but using similar products just to recreate the same look and be sure of chemical concentrates is not a good idea for your health. However, let's try to understand what the real blended burger that is so fashionable is.

Too much meat, caution is needed

The amount of meat produced globally is excessive. Intensive farming is dangerous both for the environment and for the health of those who use the finished products. The two reasons are enough to strengthen the idea of ​​reducing the quantity of meat produced and consumed. However, there is another solution, choosing to source from farms that operate in full respect of nature's timing and consequently the environment.

Farms that choose to put the animal's well-being among their priorities, and by well-being we mean both the breeding method and the type chosen and the non-choice to use drugs and antibiotics. This choice entails the possibility of bringing healthy and genuine cuts of Italian meat to the table, perfect for making tasty recipes with minced meat for hamburgers and satisfying the palates of adults and children.

Cuts of meat: a question of mentality

The consumption of beef is an integral part of Western culture above all. America, as the leader, has developed the presence on its territory of chains that owe their popularity to very simple and appetizing hamburger meat recipes. In short, with a few dollars you can fill your belly with delicacies that are not exactly healthy and genuine, but that's a small detail!

The World Health Organization (WHO) has carried out numerous studies in this regard, noting the importance of decreasing the consumption of meat per capita - especially red -. The disproportionate and excessive consumption of meat causes: obesity, hypertension and heart disease. This is why we need to remedy this and find the right balance between consuming meat and adding fiber and good fats from other foods into our diet.

Solutions to reduce meat consumption

Research, especially in the agri-food sector, is making giant strides. Attention to the environment and nutrition combo is a primary element as it brings together a truly large multitude of the population and allows us to analyze habits and customs. Given that an imposed vegetarian diet is something unthinkable, it is necessary to calibrate the meat produced and consumed to the right extent.

The concept remains valid that the more the meat comes from family-run and healthy farms, the less dangerous it is for humans and the environment - by dangerous we mean in terms of pollution. What to do? Offer a new awareness through broad-based education. Start with children, educate them and teach them respect for the world they live in, so as to make the information a sort of wave that spreads to parents and family members. A little at a time, one step after another.

The hybrid burger? OH YES!

Another solution proposed by the market is the use of hybrid products: burgers with meat and vegetables, capable of satisfying from an aesthetic point of view without the addition of harmful chemicals. The market is developing in this dimension and we need to adapt.

Recipes with hamburger meat can be enriched with other elements thus offering a smaller percentage of meat. Good idea, right? Another proposal chooses to start from the key ingredient, moving from beef to chicken meat. In short, cunning combined with imagination meets and welcomes with open arms the desire to wink at the environment and thus avoid contributing to the increase in pollution.

Blended burger: let's take stock

Recipes with minced hamburger meat lend themselves to many variations. Carne Genuina chooses to offer healthy and genuine solutions and adds a traditional touch stolen from grandmother's cooking. Choose to create your perfect blended burger: beef and mushrooms, beef and peppers or onions. The second ingredient allows you to bind the meat perfectly and offer similar nutritional values, as if to say: less meat, yes, but with taste! The flavor of the meat is, especially if it comes from traditional breeding, something particular and really complicated to repeat. Choosing this solution means respecting the environment and at the same time placing the emphasis on taste! Useful and enjoyable, what else?