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Un viaggio nei sapori regionali: la salsiccia secca

A journey into regional flavors: dried sausage

Exploring the excellence of dried sausage in Italy

The dried sausage represents a culinary excellence in Italy, where every region, indeed, often every corner of a region, claims its own version of this delicious cured meat.

Born as a form of meat preservation, this sausage has evolved over time, becoming a symbol of regional culinary excellence.

Dried sausage: the magic of local craftsmanship

What makes Italian dried sausage unique is the artisanal approach that characterizes its production. Often made with selected meats, local flavors and expert drying, each variant reflects the mastery of local artisans.

Dried sausage is steeped in tradition and authenticity, often representing a typical product of a specific region.

Each place has its own variation, with production techniques passed down from generation to generation. This sausage thus becomes an ambassador of local taste, a testimony to the craftsmanship of a community.

Let's explore this gastronomic jewel, interwoven with tradition, artisanal knowledge and authentic flavour.

From North to South: a deep-rooted tradition

In Northern Italy, dried sausage often takes on more delicate notes. In regions such as Lombardy, the sausage is pork or we can find wild boar sausage, renowned for its robust and wild taste. In the neighboring region of Emilia-Romagna, however, it is possible to enjoy a spicy and tasty interpretation of dried sausage.

In Central Italy, Umbria offers its own version of dried sausage, often enriched with local flavors such as wild fennel. Umbria leads the way with dry wild boar sausage and Tuscany, famous for its rustic cuisine, offers finocchiona, a flavored salami borderline between salami and dry sausage.

Moving to the South, an area very rich in many variations of dried sausage - almost all with that nice dose of spiciness.

Both Basilicata and Calabria do themselves honor with their spicy dry sausages, perhaps steeped in chilli pepper and spices such as soppressata and nduja.

Puglia also delights the palate with its dried sausages, more or less spicy and often presented in a horseshoe shape and enriched with spices.

Versatility of dried sausage on the table

Dried sausage is not just an appetizer, but a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. In many regions, it is used to enrich first courses such as risotto and pasta. When raw, it becomes the protagonist of mixed platters, offering a symphony of flavors that combine with cheeses and fresh bread.

Many connoisseurs prefer to taste it peeled, perhaps accompanying it with a glass of fine wine.

Dried sausage from our online butcher shop

The organic dried sausage without preservatives, obtained from Cinta Senese crossbreed pigs, is a delicious expression of Azienda Agricola DellaVenza's commitment to sustainable, high-quality production.

The processing and tying by hand, the use of natural casing and the slow maturation give this cured meat an artisanal and authentic character. The origin from pigs born and raised in the semi-wild state in the idyllic context of the company, together with the organic management and the absence of preservatives, nitrites and nitrates, underline the attention to the health and well-being of the animals.

Led by Riccardo Loioli Spuri Nisi, the Azienda Agricola DellaVenza, started in 2017, cultivates organic land and raises Cinta Senese pigs and descendants of Duroc, Cinta Senese and Large White crosses.

With a family-friendly and environmentally friendly approach, the company represents an example of organic and sustainable agriculture in the enchanting lands of the Marche.

How much does dried sausage cost?

Dried sausage is a gastronomic pleasure, and its cost can vary depending on the quality of the ingredients used, the production process and the region of origin. It is important to consider it as an investment in quality and culinary tradition.

How long does it take to dry sausage?

The drying process is crucial to giving the dried sausage its distinctive texture and flavor.

This can take several weeks, during which the meat is left to mature slowly, ensuring superior quality and a unique tasting experience.

Exploring the world of dried sausage

Dried sausage in Italy is much more than a cured meat; it is a journey through the culture and history of each region. Each slice is a taste of tradition, a tribute to the richness and culinary diversity of the Bel Paese.