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Ai profumi dell’orto

Rib of beef

It doesn't take much to bring a fragrant and delicious dish to the table. Sometimes, it's the imaginative ingredient that manages to overturn and amaze everyone. Just open the window, observe the colors of the garden and imagine the next dish, perhaps choosing to use spices to add a touch of flavour.

Spices and red meat : an enviable combo

Red meat lovers consider it a winning combination, indissoluble and capable of surprising, always! Spices lend themselves to many preparations in the kitchen but they manage to release their best when combined with substantial cuts of meat such as ribeye .

To obtain a delicious and complete dish from a nutritional point of view it is necessary to choose top quality meat: Bovì is a guarantee of success as it operates in the sector following a well-defined process and with full respect for animals .

Subsequently, we need to ensure that the accompanying ingredients are also of excellent quality, such as the extra virgin olive oil or the spices that we collect in the garden.

How are garden spices preserved ?

Local spices can be stored for long periods even in the fridge or freezer. In fact, there are grandmother's tricks that allow us to keep their qualities intact without going crazy if the season has not produced its fruits.

Rosemary , thyme , bay leaves and sage are ingredients defined as flavor enhancers and, to ensure that our dishes are able to captivate diners first of all with their eyes, it is essential that they present themselves well, and possibly in every season.

Evergreen spices are a fantastic ally , but what to do if we are unable to harvest them? You need to plan ahead and have a supply to use in emergencies.

To prepare the food-saving kit, you must prune the spice plants, keeping the leaves on the small twigs, wash with plenty of running water and dab them with kitchen paper to absorb the excess paper.

Storage can take place either in the refrigerator , for a maximum of two weeks, or in the freezer for longer times.

Preparation of the dish

The scent triggers the mouth watering which, when accompanied by a dish presented in a refined manner, manages to receive applause. Alongside the sight and the aroma, it is necessary to follow a strict cooking process to offer a spectacular tasting experience and ensure that diners enjoy the dish without delay.

The secret of a steak with all the trimmings is in the cooking , the very hot embers and the addition of the marinade prepared with spices represents the added value that only chefs put into practice.


The original touch is given by the addition of Maldon salt at the end of cooking which, in addition to increasing the flavour, will arouse curiosity due to its particular consistency and milky white colour.


If you use freshly harvested spices, start with these ingredients and wash them carefully, taking care to use only the leaves.

Then place the rib in a baking dish, pour 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil , the lemon juice and a few pieces of zest and the spices .

Leave to rest in the refrigerator for a couple of hours after covering the baking dish with transparent paper.

Prepare the fire or the grill and when you have reached the temperature, remove the meat from the refrigerator and it will be perfectly marinated.

Leave on the heat, taking care to cook both sides for the time necessary to create a crunchy crust on the end. Remove from the heat, season with Maldon salt and bring to the table.

Enjoy your meal!