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Striploin : a thousand ways to praise the cut of meat

Striploin, I call it sirloin

Did you know that there is a cut of beef that takes on a different name depending on the area of ​​Italy? It certainly won't be anything new, whatever region you go, whatever name you find , but the striploin in particular takes on a multifaceted role without losing any level of flavor. The sirloin is one of the many names given to the cut of meat obtained from the loin. Perfect for a quick and tasty steak, if you choose to season the meat with an artist's touch: Maldon salt is the perfect ingredient to enhance the taste and please the eye.

The contour? French fries to make adults and children happy, perhaps choosing a more tender and succulent roast. The striploin once again becomes the protagonist, transforming itself into a slow-cooked dish. Tender meat can be even tastier if you choose to cook the roast with the addition of homemade stock cubes .

A fresh, summery dish seasoned with a few drops of lemon - perhaps organic -? Well! Roast beef is the perfect solution. Here the striploin once again becomes "the star" of the dish and also offers itself in this preparation!

Not all striploin is created equal

The versatility of the striploin cut of meat is an inexhaustible source for creating always different and equally delicious dishes. However, it is necessary to choose carefully and rely on a master butcher who prefers the use of beef with adequate and high-level marbling. Marbling is the quality and quantity of fat present in the animal which, if raised following pre-established standards, offers the steak the right balance between succulent beef and soft fat.

The dish par excellence that has the characteristic of perfectly marbled meat is Kobe meat, there are also other breeds that follow the same trend, such as the Finnish breed for example. Genuine meat offers the possibility of purchasing quality cuts of meat to enhance the flavor of the meat to bring to the table. In the selection of fine cuts of meat there are: Picanha Sashi Freygaard Diamond and Sashi Gold Sirloin as well as the Kobe Box for those who really want to dare.

Striploin, what a passion!

The striploin is a part of the loin and can be obtained:

  • from the low loin from which the roast beef is obtained and includes part of the external muscular tissue between the lumbar and last thoracic vertebrae.
  • from the high loin from which, thanks to a higher percentage of fat, the sirloin , the rib-eye , the Florentine steak, the porterhouse and the T-bone are obtained.

Now that all the particularities of the striploin cut of meat have been listed, it is clear that choosing it represents an extra step towards offering a dish full of flavor and with truly surprising initial characteristics. Knowing the cuts of meat and their particularities is a strong point in achieving the right awareness of what you bring to the table.

Carne Genuina offers cuts of meat, RUB , craft beers and many other products united by a single common denominator: production takes place following the rules of tradition, in full respect of the animal's well-being and with particular attention to technology and everything what the market offers.

The guarantee of putting healthy and genuine food on the table is a fundamental value to be respected and never forgotten! However, an eye towards Italian flavor and tradition does not hurt but rather adds!