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Momento verità!

Is pork white or red?

Pork and myoglobin

The person responsible for the confusion regarding the type of pork is her, only her, always her: myoglobin. Perhaps an extenuating circumstance can be given: nothing of the pork is thrown away, so this detail contributes to increasing the confusion. The percentage of myoglobin ranges between 0.1 and 0.3%, therefore the range it belongs to is: pork is red meat.

The first wave of misunderstanding is motivated by the gastronomic definition which chooses to bring pork closer to "pink meat", it is easy to create confusion like this! The percentage of myoglobin actually and with data in hand is much lower than that of red meat coming from horses or cattle (ranges between 0.4 and 2%), nevertheless pork tries to defend itself well, at least under the point from a nutritional point of view.

Pork and properties

Among the nutritional properties of pork, some noteworthy elements stand out which have a high quality and are equal to red meat with a higher myoglobin concentration. Among the minerals in some cuts of pork there are: phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc and obviously iron. Other substances present in pork are thiamine, niacin, vitamins B6 and B12, taurine, creatine and glutathione.

Pork and bad reputation

Pork meat is among the most loved in the world, however from a nutritional point of view it takes on the role of black sheep and is classified among the unhealthy meats. Those responsible for the less than positive reputation of pork are saturated and unsaturated fats, it would be enough to analyze the cut of meat to notice that in reality the caloric intake defined by fats is very similar to what happens when eating beef and chicken meat and, on the contrary, with pork you can introduce other nutritional components essential for human beings into the body.

Cholesterol and pork

Among the elements that tip the scales towards the classification of meat as unhealthy is the presence of fats and cholesterol. Although some cuts of meat, such as salami and sausages , and some preparations are actually fats ready to be deposited on the pads, it is important to remember that in reality most sections of the pig offer an excellent idea from a nutritional point of view. Studies show that pork, with its nutritional qualities, can increase the level of prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Pork and longevity

It takes very little to discover the incredible nutritional qualities of pork. Does this sound crazy? Read to believe! Lard and pork rind are traditionally considered poor foods and, consequently, they have always been part of peasant diets throughout the world, not just in Italy. Japan, in the Okinawa region, chooses to carry out a study on the longevity of the population and, as in the most beautiful fairy tales of serendipity, they discover the importance of a food that appears in the diet: lard. Looking deeper into the question, we discover that even in Italy there is a region where longevity is more a style rather than a mirage: Sardinia and, the typical dish? The Porceddu. Well. If the first example amazes, the second confirms!

Pork meat for athletes

Choosing to delve deeper into the topic of pork risks creating addiction since one solution after another seems to transform a tasty sausage into a genuine solution full of potential. Thanks to its countless nutritional qualities, pork is perfect for athletes: it contains antioxidants that help muscle recovery and improve subsequent performance. An alternative and truly effective use is to choose to add pork to a child's diet: cold cuts such as cooked ham are a product that is part of the diet and offers a good calorie intake that is not at all harmful. In short, pork must be chosen carefully, it can even be good for you!

Pork: the limits are exceeded!

Pork has countless qualities that range from valid nutritional solutions to ordinary dinner-saving recipes. Therefore you need to get to work and bring delicious and complete recipes to the table! Pork meat can be more satiating than other animals, therefore, it can easily be included among the meats in the diet, despite all popular beliefs.

Now you need to choose which cut of pork is perfect for your favorite recipe. Mouth watering is just the last detail that adds to the certainty of leaving junk food in the cupboard and being able to savor a traditional dish that adds substance to the taste, that adds nourishment to the flavor that adds a nostalgic note to pleasure from when as children we ate pork ribs with polenta around the table with the family gathered together! No? No problem! You can always recover! CarneGenuina.it offers a wide range of products that includes pork and chooses to promote products made according to traditional methods, seeing is believing.