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Eco friendly

Eco-friendly barbecue? Yes, chef!

Ready, grill (ecofriendly) and go!

Barbecue season is upon us and with it comes the need to find eco-friendly solutions for outdoor cooking. Luckily, a new eco-friendly disposable grill is now available, making it easier and more convenient to have a sustainable grill.

This new grill is made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials, meaning it can be disposed of without causing harm to the environment. Additionally, the grill is easy to use and transport, making it perfect for those who want to enjoy an outdoor grill without having to deal with the hassle of cleaning the grill after each use.

The eco-friendly disposable grill is available in our online butcher shop and represents an important step towards reducing waste and improving environmental sustainability.

Not only is it convenient and easy to use, but it is also a responsible option for lovers of barbecues or camping surrounded by nature.

In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of this new eco-friendly grill in detail, while also providing some helpful tips for an even more sustainable grilling experience.

Barbecue with attention to the environment

When it comes to eco-friendly grilling, there are a few things to keep in mind to reduce your impact on the environment.

  • Choose the right grill: it can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants. Additionally, using sustainable and biodegradable charcoal or wood pellets can help further reduce our environmental impact.
  • Plan the amount of food to cook and store leftovers appropriately.
  • If possible, using reusable plates and cutlery rather than disposable ones can reduce the amount of waste produced.
  • Food choice can also make a difference: trying to buy local and seasonal produce can reduce the impact of transport and help support the local economy.
  • Choose meat from sustainable and certified companies: it can help reduce the environmental impact of agriculture.
  • Cleaning the grill after use is important to avoid wasting water and chemicals. Using eco-friendly, reusable cleaning products can reduce the environmental impact of cleaning your grill.

In summary, having a barbecue with attention to the environment requires a bit of planning and conscious choices. However, with some simple actions it is possible to enjoy a sustainable barbecue and reduce your environmental impact.

The casus grill: the environmentally friendly online disposable grill

The casus grill is the perfect solution for a delicious outdoor barbecue in perfect harmony with the environment. The casus grill was created exactly for these reasons, the dual objective of respecting the environment and at the same time being able to enjoy delicious food becomes the direct need to create a respectable outdoor lunch.

The innovative idea comes from the combination of four completely natural elements: cardboard, lava stone, bamboo and coal. Its use is very easy: the disposable grill is easy to use and is the perfect compromise between grilled meat and eco-sustainable tools since it is created with natural materials and allows it to be used in any space, even the most unthinkable.

Its setup allows you to grill beef, chicken, pork and vegetables in any environment without attacking the spaces and offering a green lunch. It allows it to be used anywhere and at the same time offers homogeneous cooking thanks to the rapid reaching of the necessary temperature and maintenance.

The casus grill becomes the perfect synthesis to combine human pleasure with the beauty of nature. The choice to prefer instruments in perfect harmony with the environment and created using 100% natural materials becomes essential to best express the respect we must have towards the territory that hosts us.

Our cities are capable of combining history and culture, some are immersed in uncontaminated nature and the product of rural tradition, others offer parks equipped to spend a few hours in the greenery in contrast with the concrete grid. Using the casus grill in designated spaces means respecting the territory first and foremost and the biodiversity that populates it. The Casus Grill portable grill is perfect when used in combination with minimal and quick-cooking cuts of meat, after all the excellent tools are combined with equally high-quality barbecue meat!

The basics: the Grigliatina Box

If the environmentally friendly disposable grill is the perfect compromise for a barbecue that can be done anywhere, you need to choose a solution that is suitable for everyone and perfect for quick and easy cooking.

Here is the solution, the Grigliatina Box contains:

  • 1 completely biodegradable disposable grill
  • 4 pork sausages
  • 4 pork skewers
  • 2 craft beers

The essentials for Easter Monday lunch which, as tradition teaches, requires a minimum of lightness and combination with the barbecue. Among the typical Easter dishes, Italy offers a rather broad culinary panorama and, if the choice becomes difficult, we can prefer an open-air solution, with all the necessary comforts.

Food and drinks perfect for a delicious trip out of town without the anxiety of having to look for a restaurant or having to buy take away sandwiches. Thanks to the 100% natural grill, all you need to do is find a support to make a mouth-watering grill.

The instant-on disposable grill is ready in 5 minutes and the cooking of the products included in the box is guaranteed. The disposable grill maintains the temperature for at least 60 minutes.

Grill safely and without worries!

And if you want to find out where to grill safely in Lombardy, our dedicated articles are for you: read, set the navigator, prepare your eco-friendly portable grill and go full grill!

Respect for the environment must always be put first and, thanks to the casus grill and the Grigliatina Box, living a day in the open air with a full belly is possible!