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BBQ life

The tools of true BBQ lovers

Tools for the true BBQ lover: every hero has his sword!

The beautiful season calls for outdoor barbecues in company. You've purchased your BBQ, prepared the charcoal and your grill master apron... now what?

For an easy barbecue, these three elements are obviously useful - and they work very well - but, to move on to the dark side of the grill, it is not enough to have this small base.

The true BBQ lover knows that many useful tools are needed to cook each cut of meat in the best possible way, to handle ribs like a true samurai, to optimize cooking and bring a true BBQ master's dish to the table.

Here then, our mini guide will be able to range and explain the use of the thousand and one tools necessary to become the Jedi master of the mixed grill and if we then use 100% Italian meat that you can purchase in our online butcher's shop, the success will be guaranteed.

To avoid the search for the perfect menu, the Genuina online Meat tasting BBQ boxes are for you. For example, the BBQ Box has a selection of beef and pork products suitable for preparing a perfect barbecue for 4-6 people: the perfect base. If, however, you want to risk more important cooking, Pulled Pork, the Italian Fiorentina steak and a Gold Prussian Black Picanha Sashi are for you.

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I will never be without again for the BBQ: the tools for the griller

The style: apron and gloves

Style should be the star of the BBQ, but a nice pair of sturdy BBQ gloves and a nice apron are also great for dealing with grease, excessive heat and unwanted burns.

So, green light for Bermuda shorts but also for these protections:

The basis: knives

Professional, sharp and indispensable, meat knives are the real must have in grilling and must be chosen carefully because "a knife, in the kitchen and at the BBQ, is used forever".

You discover:

Find out which meat knives to choose to become a true BBQ masterchef in our dedicated article.

The dynamic duo: BBQ tongs and spatula

We know very well that to cook a good cut of meat for BBQ the first rule is not to pierce!

So the tongs are the perfect ally for turning our Fiorentina without causing damage and risking piercing the meat and letting all the juices out.

To choose the one best suited to you, you don't need much information, in this case you decide based on aesthetics and comfort!

Chosen by us:

Where tongs don't reach, and if you need more precision, the meat spatula appears among the BBQ tools: perfect for flipping burgers or fish without causing damage.

All pork: claws for bbq and meat

Among the many tools, BBQ claws are the latest arrivals in Italian kitchens but which have immediately achieved great success for their usefulness. Turn the roast chicken, quickly debone a shank, hold the cut of meat still while slicing it and - most important of all - prepare a real pulled pork! And how could we leave you without claws for meat?

In our Pulled Pork Box you will find everything you need for a perfect pulled pork and pulled pork claws.

If you want to try more professional barbecue claws, try these steel ones .

Smart BBQ: the spit

The spit has medieval origins and consists of an iron rod with a sharp tip, at the time wood was used. During hunting sessions, a fire was lit, the captured game was broken into coarse pieces and cooked, so as to recover energy for the next hunt.

Even Leonardo Da Vinci in the Codex Atlanticus spent part of his time creating an ancestor of the automatic rotisserie. In addition to beef, pork and sausage, the spit can be prepared - and perhaps the most classic version, with chicken meat.

Chosen by us:

More space: the meat grill

Perfect for any occasion, and for cooking cuts of meat or preparations that would otherwise be lost in the charcoal, the meat grill is perfect for cooking meat and fish and being able to cook each cut of meat evenly - and without causing damage. In short, the meat grill is the faithful ally of every master griller just as every soldier has his own shield.

Picked by us:

The right temperature: the meat thermometer

Knowing the cooking times for each cut of barbecue meat by heart is one thing, understanding the perfect temperature in the center is another matter entirely.

Here, almost in last position, but not least, the meat thermometer is the real tool for those who aspire to a higher level in the BBQ world.

This is because some cooking and some cuts of meat require millimeter precision in the internal and external temperature of the cut of meat. So, a good thermometer for grilled meat - with metal stick and probe - is the real "never again without it" tool.

Here are some thermometers we suggest:

After the party: the grill brush

The party is over, now it's time to clean the grill, the metal BBQ brush is perfect for removing the coarsest residues and then moving on to cleaning the grill thoroughly.

But not only that, it is also very useful when grilling different cuts of meat and we want to avoid contamination of taste and shape: a good brush and off we go!

Picked by us:

To conclude on a high note, here is our article with some fast and furious methods for cleaning the grill and BBQ .